PowerShell for Office 365 and Exchange Server

PowerShell has become one of the most important skills for an IT professional to learn. If you’re not already learning PowerShell, then you’re falling behind the industry.

It isn’t difficult to learn PowerShell. In fact, if you’ve ever run commands in a cmd prompt then you’ll be able to start using PowerShell straight away. Also, Exchange Server and Office 365 offer lots of opportunities to use PowerShell on a daily basis.

Download Free Office 365 and Exchange PowerShell Scripts

In your daily routine there are bound to be multiple opportunities to streamline and automate some of your repetitive tasks into PowerShell scripts.

Developing a toolbox of your own PowerShell scripts can really improve your efficiency and value to your employer.

If you’re looking for a place to start check out this walk-through of building a new PowerShell script, or my four part series on sending SMTP email from PowerShell scripts.

My PowerShell scripts are published for free on the TechNet Script Galleryfor you to download and use, or modify to suit your needs. If you like them, please leave a star rating to let others know that you found them useful.

Here are some of the popular Office 365 scripts that I’ve written:

Here are a few of the more popular Exchange Server scripts I’ve written:

Getting Started with PowerShell

If you’re looking for PowerShell learning resources, here are my recommendations:

Get More PowerShell Tips for Exchange and Office 365 Administrators

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