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Microsoft Adaptive Accesories Debut to Help Users with Disabilities

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At the 12th annual Microsoft Ability Summit early this week (May 10-11), the company made an important hardware announcement. Specifically, the introduction of new Microsoft Adaptive Accessories that Redmond says will help increase productivity for users with disabilities.

While the Microsoft Adaptive Accessories will not launch until this fall, Microsoft offered details on them at the Ability Summit. The accessories are three components specifically designed to allow more efficient and seamless input onto PCs for disabled users.

They are customizable and configurable to allow users to personalize the devices for their own needs.

First up is the Microsoft Adaptive Mouse, which is a wireless mouse that can function on up to three devices (or via USB-C). Microsoft points out this product can be used as a regular mouse, but also comes with modular abilities to connect with other Microsoft Adaptive Accessories.

Furthermore, the Adaptive Mouse has a thumb support additional accessory that switches sides between left and right. Users can customize the mouse to include the mouse tail, a 3D printed component. Alternatively, customers can create their own 3D printed mouse tails.

Adaptive Hub and Adaptive Buttons

Next is the Microsoft Adaptive Hub, which connects to three devices wireless or through USB-C too. It will also connect with up to four Microsoft Adaptive Buttons, which are wireless buttones that have eight programmable commands. Users can choose between a joystick, d-pad, or dual pad button.

“The new Microsoft adaptive accessories provide a highly adaptable, easy-to-use system,” says Microsoft’s Dave Dame in a blog post. “Each piece is designed in partnership with the disability community to empower people who may have difficulty using a traditional mouse and keyboard to create their ideal setup, increase productivity, and use their favorite apps more effectively. A traditional mouse and keyboard may pose obstacles for someone with limit mobility. These adaptive accessories can perform a variety of functions, thereby alleviating a pain point for those who find it challenging to get the most out of their PC.”

Tip of the day: With many reachable wireless access points popping up and disappearing again, the available networks list can become quite annoying. If needed you can use the allowed and blocked filter list of Windows to block certain WiFi networks or all unknown WiFi networks.

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Windows Package Manager Gets Portable App Support

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Microsoft is currently rolling out a new version of Windows Package Manager in preview. With the release of version 1.3.1251 of the tool also known as winget, Microsoft is adding support for portable applications. There are other tweaks to the service, but that support seems to be the priority on this update.

If you’re unfamiliar with portable apps, they are software that does not need to be installed through the Microsoft Store or traditional exe/msi files. With a portable app, it is possible to extract the program files, place them in any folder, and run them on Windows.

Because they do not require installation, they can be stored externally and used across multiple Windows PCs.

For the latest preview of Windows Package Manager, Microsoft is adding portable app support, albeit with limitations. Specifically, users can install apps with local manifests, but they cannot uninstall or update portable software.

If you’re new to the Windows Package Manager, check out our complete tutorial on how to use the new development service.


Elsewhere in version 1.3.1251, Microsoft says the progress bar now looks better, while a setting for verbose logs is available. Check out the full details about the release on the Windows Package Manager GitHub repository. The preview is available to Windows Insiders on the Dev Channel and the Insider Program for the Package Manager.

Microsoft introduced Windows Package Manager (Winget) for Windows 10 at Build 2020. The new service gives developers a platform to efficiently download services to help app development. However, the new open-source solution found controversy after the creator of a similar tool argued Microsoft has stolen his idea.

Microsoft later admitted it should have credited Keivan Beigi for his work in getting WinGet off the ground.

Tip of the day: Windows now has a package manager similar to Linux called “Winget”. In our tutorial, we show you how to install and use this new tool that allows the quick installation of apps via PowerShell or a GUI.

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Microsoft Brings Exchange Server Updates to .exe Packages

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Microsoft has been considering making changes to its update strategy recently, and next up is Microsoft Exchange Server. Specifically, the company says it will now send Exchange Server updates via .exe packages, for both Security Updates (SUs) and Hotfixes (HFs).

This will add a new update method alongside the existing Windows Installer patch (.msp) files route. While the older method is functional, admins often struggle to manually install the files because they require elevated privileges to install.

So, if a user attempts to install the self-contained packages without privileges, Microsoft Exchange Servers enter a “bad state”. Microsoft already mitigates this problem by recommending users to install the .msp files with elevated Command Prompt.

However, better mitigation is to simply give users without elevated privileges another option. As such, the company says Microsoft Exchange Server Hotfixes and Security Updates can now be installed through .exe.

How it Works

These .exe packages will automatically extract, while they are also self-elevating. It is worth noting Microsoft says .msp files will still remain available for automatic updates. The company is specifically recommending the .exe option for manual installs. Microsoft explains the process in its announcement post:

“The EXE package is a wrapper for the .msp file that ensures the installation runs with the required permissions. To install the update, simply double-click the .exe file and follow the instructions. The installation process checks permission prerequisites and if the check fails, it will try to elevate the permissions to the required admin level:

  • If elevation is not successful, installation stops without making any changes to the Exchange server.

If elevation is successful (or if the proper admin permissions are already in use), the package will extract the .msp file into the current user’s temp folder and start the installation process.”

Tip of the day: Windows now has a package manager similar to Linux called “Winget”. In our tutorial, we show you how to install and use this new tool that allows the quick installation of apps via PowerShell or a GUI.

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Microsoft Security Experts Arrives as a Human/Automated Cybersecurity Suite

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Microsoft Security Experts has launched this week as a new cybersecurity service for enterprise customers. According to Microsoft, the new service category uses human input alongside security software to provide organizations with all-encompassing security protection.

The product was announced by Vasu Jakkal, Corporate Vice President, Security, Compliance, Identity, and Management at Microsoft. In a blog post, Jakkal revealed Microsoft Security Experts is a combination of three new service components:

Microsoft Defender Experts for Hunting, Microsoft Defender Experts for XDR, and Microsoft Security Services for Enterprise.

The first component, Defender Experts for Hunting is designed for businesses with an existing security operations center. It will add assistance from Microsoft on top of the existing infrastructure to improve hunting for security threats. It covers Office 365 and cloud apps with Microsoft experts ready to provide consulting on handling threats.

More Tools

Defender Experts for XDR is also for existing security operations, helping to extend them (XDR means extended detection and response). With this service, organizations have a tool that detects threats and responds to them on Microsoft 365 Defender. This is both automated detection and human detection.

Lastly, Microsoft Security Services for Enterprise integrated threat hunting and XDR services with access from Microsoft security experts.

“Wherever you are in your security journey, Microsoft Security Experts will meet you there, whether you need additional security expertise, help with specific technologies, or guidance in navigating new security challenges,” says Jakkal. “Leveraging industry-leading technology, the best defenders from Microsoft and our partner community, and the most comprehensive threat intelligence in the world, we can build a safer world for everyone, together.”

Microsoft is also reminding customers that Jakkal and company CEO Satya Nadella will be speaking at the Microsoft Security Summit on May 12.

Tip of the day: Did you know that your data and privacy might be at risk if you run Windows without encryption? A bootable USB with a live-linux distribution is often just enough to gain access to all of your files.

If you want to change that, check out our detailed BitLocker guide where we show you how to turn on encryption for your system disk or any other drive you might be using in your computer.

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Microsoft Power Apps Portals to Become “Power Pages”



Microsoft’s Build 2022 developer conference will kick off later this month. As is normal, some of the announcements Microsoft has planned for the event are leaking out. Specifically, Microsoft is going to discuss a service known as Power Pages at Build 2022. However, instead of being a new product, it will be a rebranding of Power Apps portals.

WalkingCat discovered URLs that showed presentations for Power Pages that Microsoft will show at Build 2022. One of the URLs – – shows that Power Pages is the new name for Power Apps portals.

Power Apps is Microsoft’s no-code platform for building enterprise applications. As for Power Apps portals, it is a hosting and development service for building business websites with low-code features. It allows organizations to create and publish mobile and desktop sites with templates.

Launched in 2019, Power Apps portals is itself a rebrand of Dynamics 365 portals. According to Microsoft, portals is one of the fastest-growing services in Power Platform, which is the combination division of Power Apps, Flow, and Power Bi.

Coming Soon

PowerApps has hundreds of integrations to help business develop apps/sites in a low-code environment. While Power Apps portals is just one part, it is becoming increasingly popular. It is clear Microsoft wants to build on the growing popularity with a refresh of the brand. It is likely the company will launch new features alongside the name change.

Microsoft itself already uses portals to power some of its webpages, such as the self-service customer returns sites. We are sure Microsoft will explain loads more about Power Pages at Build 2022 later this month.

Tip of the day: Did you know that your data and privacy might be at risk if you run Windows without encryption? A bootable USB with a live-linux distribution is often just enough to gain access to all of your files.

If you want to change that, check out our detailed BitLocker guide where we show you how to turn on encryption for your system disk or any other drive you might be using in your computer.

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What to Do When Your Ethernet Won’t Connect


FEATURED What to Do When Your Ethernet Won't Connect

Wi-Fi and Ethernet both give us indispensable internet connections to do a multitude of tasks. Internet users were comfortable with the internet connections via the Ethernet cable until Wi-Fi came into existence a couple of decades ago.

Wi-Fi was pretty slow originally, but the technology has been developing rapidly. It still does, and the introduction of the next-gen Wi-Fi 6 increased the Wi-Fi speed almost to the point of Ethernet connection. However, Wi-Fi still produces some unexpected glitches and signal interruptions due to the inherent radio signal it runs on. That’s why sometimes you come across Wi-Fi not working, but Ethernet is.

With most users connecting via Wi-Fi these days, the slightest signal interruption would have major repercussions for them. It’s not a surprise since most modern devices are mobile and Wi-Fi-enabled. The longer your Wi-Fi has this connection issue, the worse your problem will get.

Nowadays, almost everything you own is connected to the internet; it seems you can’t do anything without an internet connection. Here in this post, we guide you on how to fix the Wi-Fi not working issue with several proven methods. Let’s dive in.

Router Issues

The router is the source of internet connection to your devices via both Ethernet and Wi-Fi. When Wi-Fi is not working, but Ethernet is, the router works, but your device cannot read the internet signal. Therefore, there could be an issue with your router.

The quickest way to check if there’s something wrong with your router is to try connecting other devices to Wi-Fi. If your Wi-Fi still doesn’t work, your router is the source of the problem. Follow these steps to fix the router:

Restart Your Router and Modem

  • Switch them off and pull out the plugs.
  • After a short while, reconnect them and switch on the modem first, followed by the router.
  • Restarting your router and modem allows the system to remove possible bugs. When the bugs are removed, your router should be working well; otherwise, try the next method.

    Factory Reset

    You can try the factory reset if the soft reset doesn’t work. To reset it to factory settings, you can just press the reset button on the back of your router and hold it. After a few seconds, the lights will start blinking. You can release the button after that. The router will restart and should be good as new once it boots up.

    Windows Troubleshooting

    You can use the often-overlooked Windows Network Troubleshooter to help you find errors. This built-in function can run on its own once you start the action via the settings. Follow these steps to begin:

    1. Open Windows Settings

      Click the Windows icon to go to Windows Settings, and select Settings. Alternatively, use a shortcut by pressing the Windows and the ‘i’ key simultaneously to view the Settings page.Select Update & Security

      Select Update & Security

      Go to “Troubleshoot” and click on “Additional troubleshooters”.

      Select Network Adapter and choose Run the troubleshooter.Windows 11 will try to troubleshoot the Network Adapter on its own and looks for errors or bugs.

      At the prompt to choose which Network Adapter to diagnose – select “Wi-Fi network”. If there are problems, the troubleshooter will display them and recommend the next thing to do. Stick to the instructions, and see if the proposed solution fixes your Wi-Fi issue.

      Flush the DNS Cache

      DNS or the Domain Name System is like a phonebook of the internet and translates the domain names (like to IP addresses for web browsers to load internet resources. Unfortunately, DNS stores cache, like other online processes, which could be troublesome. If the DNS cache caused your Wi-Fi to malfunction, here are the steps you could follow to flush the DNS cache:

      1. Open Command Prompt via Search and run it as administrator

        Type the following commands one after anotherRun the command to flush the DNS CacheFlushing DNS in Windows 10

        Change to a Different Frequency Band

        Most modern routers have dual-band capability – they can operate on the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz Wi-Fi frequencies. At times, your Wi-Fi gets stuck in either band due to several reasons. The 2.4 GHz is used by various devices, including home appliances. For that reason, it can easily stall due to heavily congested traffic, although its reach is excellent.

        On the contrary, the 5 GHz frequency gives you more speed and power, but the signal deteriorates quickly with the distance. In addition, it cannot pass through obstructions and walls well. A good practice is to try switching to the other frequency if one doesn’t work.

        Switching Between 2.4 and 5 GHz Bands in Windows

        Reinstall Drivers

        Network drivers can also be the source of the issues with your faulty Wi-Fi. Under normal circumstances, the pre-installed drivers from Windows Update should do the job. However, sometimes the generic drivers cannot meet the system demands. Consequently, you will get an unstable network connection resulting in an unusable Wi-Fi.

        Follow these steps if you want to uninstall and reinstall the Wi-Fi network adapter drivers:

        1. Right-click on the Windows icon at the bottom-left of the screen to go to Device ManagerDouble-click on “Network adapters”, right-click on your Wi-Fi network adapter and select “Uninstall”

          Then, restart your computer. It will find default drivers automatically. If that does not fix the issue you can try to update the driver as shown in the next step.Right-click on your Wi-Fi network adapter and choose “Update drivers”.Choose “Search automatically for drivers”

          • Windows will look for the latest driver software available for your device.
          • Follow the instructions on-screen until you end the process.

          Check Parental Controls

          Parental control is a norm in a Wi-Fi home network. Some settings in the parental control app allow you to configure the internet access schedule. Simply remove the restrictions to fix the Wi-Fi access issue.

          Contact Your ISP

          If none of the methods listed above work, you should contact your Internet Service Provider’s customer service team or technical support as a last resort. It will help if you explain the steps you have already taken so that they can pinpoint where the problem lies. There’s also a possibility that the problem lies at their end.


          Having internet via Wi-Fi proves to be a convenient way to get connected. However, considering the internet is transmitted using radio waves, Wi-Fi is understandably more volatile and prone to various interruptions. Therefore, you will occasionally experience issues like Wi-Fi not working, but Ethernet is. Hopefully, one of the fixes explained above solved the problem for you.

          About the author

          Jeremy Clifford is the person behind He has experience in networking equipment and administration and my goal is to share everything I know with his readers.

          Source   Winbuzzer

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Intel CEO Says Chip Shortage to Extend into 2024

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While the chip shortage is easing, it is very much still ongoing and any hopes of its improving in 2023 are unlikely. That’s according to Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger, who says shortages could run into 2024 because of a lack of manufacturing tools.

There has been a worldwide chip shortage that began before the pandemic in 2020 and was only exasperated during the COVID-19 crisis. Factories going into lockdown and a shortage of materials meant manufacturers were unable to build semi-conductors.

All areas of consumer and enterprise tech were affected, including home appliances, smartphones, TVs, and servers. One of the reasons the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 remain in short supply is because of the chip shortage. Furthermore, Microsoft put down tepid Windows uptake in 2019 down to the shortage.

However, predictions earlier this year pointed to the shortage easing during 2022 before a return to normal manufacturing in 2023. Speaking to CNBC, Intel CEO Gelsinger is pouring icy water on those hopes.

“We believe the overall semiconductor shortage will now drift into 2024, from our earlier estimates in 2023, just because the shortages have now hit equipment and some of those factory ramps will be more challenged.”

Increasing Demand

While the manufacturing constraints caused by the pandemic have eased, more demand for devices with chips is growing. It is no longer computers, consoles, and phones only. Smart technology means many home appliances use semiconductors, as well as automobiles.

In other words, factories are producing more semiconductors than they ever have before but are still struggling with demand.

Tip of the day: Is your system drive constantly full and you need to free up space regularly? Try Windows Disk Cleanup in extended mode which goes far beyond the standard procedure. Our tutorial also shows you how to create a desktop shortcut to run this advanced method right from the desktop.

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Microsoft Edge Secure Network Brings a Free VPN to Edge

Surface-Laptop-Studio-Windows-11-696×385 (1)

Microsoft is working on integrating a VPN service into the Microsoft Edge web browser. Called the Microsoft Edge Secure Network, the Virtual Private Network (VPN) will be similar to third-party providers, except it will be directly built into the browser.

For this tool, Microsoft is not building a VPN from scratch. Instead, the Microsoft Edge Secure Network is powered by Cloudflare. According to Microsoft, all user data and diagnostic information will be removed and deleted every 24 hours.

Other browsers – such as Opera and Firefox – already have a built-in VPN, so Edge will reach parity with those rivals. In a blog post discussing the tool, Microsoft points to the following features:

  • “Encrypts your connection: Encrypts your internet connection to help protect your data from online threats like hackers. When using Microsoft Edge Secure network, your data is routed from Edge through an encrypted tunnel to create a secure connection, even when using a non-secure URL that starts with HTTP. This makes it harder for hackers to access your browsing data on a shared public Wi-Fi network.
  • Helps prevent online tracking: By encrypting your web traffic directly from Microsoft Edge, we help prevent your internet service provider from collecting your browsing data like details about which websites you visit.
  • Keeps your location private: Online entities can use your location and IP address for profiling and sending you targeted ads. Microsoft Edge Secure Network lets you browse with a virtual IP address that masks your IP and replaces your geolocation with a similar regional address to make it more difficult for online trackers to follow you as you browse.
  • Is free to use: Get 1 gigabyte of free data every month when you sign into Microsoft Edge with your Microsoft Account.  See below instructions to turn on your Microsoft Edge Secure Network.”


While Microsoft Edge Secure Network will come to all users, it isn’t widely available yet. Although, it will be part of the new Microsoft Edge release and be located in the menu in the right top corner.

To use the VPN in Edge, users much have a Microsoft account and be signed in. There is also a limit of 1GB of data on the free service.

Tip of the day: Headsets are a vital tool for communication and can cause stressful moments when they don´t work as planned. In our tutorial we are showing you how to properly set up a headset on your Windows PC so this will be a thing of the past.

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Microsoft Debuts GitHub Desktop 3.0

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Microsoft says GitHub Desktop 3.0 is now available. With this release, the open-source repository is adding a bunch of new features. As the version number suggests, this is the follow up to GitHub Desktop 2.0, which was launched back in 2019.

If you are unfamiliar with GitHub Desktop, it is a version of the platform that works on PCs that are offline.

Leading the new feature on GitHub Desktop 3.0 is an ability that allows users to review the status of their pull requests. Developers can use this tool to decide which code is production-ready. In a blog post to introduce the new platform version, GitHub describes the feature in the following way:

“Just click on the badge with the pull request number, and start diving into the checks, jobs, and steps to better understand and fix whatever problem you might run into. You still can’t find out why your checks failed? Don’t worry! You can just re-run your checks to give them another chance to succeed. Users also now have the ability to re-run failed or individual GitHub Action checks.”

Other Features

Elsewhere in the new GitHub Desktop version, there is now support for high-signal notifications. With this support, the platform gives users the ability to sort through notifications that persistently return. That means users will only see important notifications for the repository they are on.

Failed pull requests are a frustrating fact of the GitHub experience, but Desktop 3.0 will notify users when they fail to file a commit. The platform sends users to a description of the failure and why it happened. This will make it easier to solve issues.

Tip of the day: Headsets are a vital tool for communication and can cause stressful moments when they don´t work as planned. In our tutorial we are showing you how to properly set up a headset on your Windows PC so this will be a thing of the past.

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WhatsApp Beta on Windows Gets Chat Filter Tools



I am so used to major developers giving their apps little attention on Windows that a new WhatsApp desktop update is always a pleasant surprise. That is because the messaging service is one of the few big apps that receive consistent powerful upgrades on Windows. And with the latest update, the WhatsApp Beta UWP app is getting enhanced chat filtering.

If you are unfamiliar with WhatsApp Beta, it is a Universal Windows Platform (UWP) app that is available for desktop. It is different to the full WhatsApp Desktop because it is a WinUI app written in XAML. It has recently been updated to get the Windows 11 aesthetic.

In the latest update for the app, users can now filter their chats. Among the filters available in the app are contacts, non-contacts, show messages from unread chats, and groups. All of those filters are self-explanatory and allow you to narrow down chats based on your selection.

This new enhancement is arriving as part of WhatsApp Beta 2.2216.4.0, which is rolling out to the Windows Store now. It is worth noting this feature brings the app up to speed with the iOS and Android versions, which already have the filters.

WhatsApp Desktop Update

WhatsApp is doing a great job keeping its apps up to date on the Windows platform. Away from the Beta app,  the company is also treating its Desktop app well.

Earlier this month, an update allowed the app to become arguably more appealing than the web version. Four new features came to the app during the release. The first two – archive chats permanently and show message reactions – are standard on iOS and Android but are now coming to Windows 11.

Video calling and GIFs are also landing on the WhatsApp app on the platform.

Tip of the day: Headsets are a vital tool for communication and can cause stressful moments when they don´t work as planned. In our tutorial we are showing you how to properly set up a headset on your Windows PC so this will be a thing of the past.

Source Winbuzzer

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