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Telegram Launches $4.99 per Month Premium Subscription Service

Telegram Messaging App


Back in May, I reported on Telegram working on a new premium version of its messaging service that would be behind a paywall. That version was later confirmed by CEO Pavel Durov earlier this month. In the latest update, Telegram is now launching that premium subscription.

According to the company, all current features users have on Telegram will remain free, while updates will continue to add new features. The subscription will add additional benefits beyond the core free experience.


As well as attracting new customers, Telegram is using the subscription as an additional revenue stream. As for the cost, the premium version will cost $4.99 per month. While casual users will likely be good with the free version, pro-users may appreciate the following premium features:

  • 4GB file uploads: Telegram free users get 2GB uploads for a single file.
  • Double Limits: Premium users get up to 1000 channels, 10 pins, 4 accounts, and 20 chat folders. Furthermore, there are 20 public links, 10 favorite stickers, 200 pins in a folder, and 400 GIFs.
  • More symbols in captions: Longer video and photo descriptions.
  • More symbols in the bio: 140 characters for a profile bio instead of the standard 70.
  • Download Speeds: Unlimited download speeds for media and documents.
  • Ad-free: No ads
  • Exclusive Reactions: Unique animated reactions exclusive to premium users.
  • Voice-to-Text: Automatic transcriptions of voice messages.
  • Stickers: New exclusive stickers are only available to premium users.
  • Chat Management Tools: Advanced settings for auto-archive, default folders, and the ability to hide chats from people who are not contacts.
  • Profile Badge: Place a badge next to your name.
  • Animated Profile Photos: Use animated avatars as your profile pic.

Rival app WhatsApp is also rumored to be working on a subscription model. This will be for business users who will be able to connect 10 devices on the same account.

Along with the premium version announcement, Telegram revealed it has crossed 700 million monthly users.

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Sony Reportedly Working on PlayStation 5 Pro Controller



What controller is better, Sony’s PS5 gamepad, or Microsoft’s Xbox Series X|S gamepad? Which company has had the best controllers historically? Those are questions that will split opinion, but for me, the two gamepads are of equal quality. However, Xbox has one advantage in the form of the Xbox Elite controller. For the first time, Sony is working on a direct competitor, a PlayStation 5 Pro Controller.

PlayStation users have never really had an in-house premium controller from Sony. Microsoft Xbox users have had the Elite and Elite 2 for several years. If you are unfamiliar with the Elite, it comes with modular parts, rear paddles, and just a better impression of overall quality.

Sony is now working on addressing the balance with a new premium paid for the PlayStation 5. According to a report from Try Hard Guides, the new PS5 special edition controller will deliver similar elements to the Xbox Elite Gamepad.

While the report calls it the PlayStation 5 Pro Controller, it is unclear if this will be the launch name. Either way, it will reportedly have removable analog sticks, trigger stops, paddles, and possible removable grips.

Which is Best?

We will have to wait to see the PlayStation 5 Pro Controller and see how it stacks against the Xbox Elite controller. However, at the start of this article, I discussed whether the PS5 or Xbox Series X|S has the best gamepad.

For me, the Xbox controller is more ergonomic and has a more premium feel. On the other hand, the PS5 pad provides supreme usability. PS5 controllers also have built-in rechargeable batteries. Xbox pads still require AA batteries… yes, it is 2022 in the new generation of consoles and you still need to buy batteries every 30 hours on Xbox Series consoles.

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Apple M2 Mostly Lives Up to Performance Claims in Benchmark Testing



When Apple launched the M1 processor two years ago, it quickly won glowing reviews for its power efficiency and performance. The company’s switch to ARM processing when much more smoothly than Microsoft’s rocky Windows on ARM. At WWDC 2022 last week, Apple announced the new M2 system-on-a-chip, and benchmarks are now revealing the performance.

As you would expect, Apple boasts the M2 builds on the M1 and is 18% faster than its predecessor. Furthermore, the company says that gain does not come at the expense of power efficiency.

Early benchmarks suggest Apple was not over-selling the potential of the M2. In fact, it seems the CPU lives up to the company’s claims.

Geekbench scores for the M2 chipset show Apple has been testing the CPU with three consecutive runs. The test was done on the 13-inch MacBook Pro 2022 with a 14.7-inch screen, which ships with the M2 on board.


Across all three runs, the processor got an average score of around 1,900 points for a single thread, topping out at 1,919. For multi-thread performance, the M2 got a high of 8,928 points. Comparisons to M1 benchmarking suggest the new processor is tracking around 10-15% higher than the older chip.

While Apple is being a little more generous with its estimates, the results are more or less in line with the company’s claims. It will be up to customers who have bought an M1 machine in the last two years to decide whether a 10-15% gain in performance warrants upgrading.

Considering 2022’s slate of M2 Macs is hardly brimming with new features (they’re most incremental updates), the M2 is arguably the big selling point.

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Microsoft Defender Moves across Platforms as a New Security Service



Microsoft Defender is entering a new era as a unified cross-platform service covering Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. It is worth noting this is a new version of the Microsoft Defender cybersecurity suite that will run through Microsoft 365.

This also completes Microsoft’s vision for Defender which has gone back several years. Through the transition from Windows Defender to Microsoft Defender, the company has been targeting the suite as a cross-platform service.

Windows Defender became Microsoft Defender with the launch of Windows 10 20H1. Microsoft originally made the name change when Defender first became available on Apple’s Mac. It made little sense calling it Windows on Apple’s platform.

The new Microsoft Defender is for individual users (Microsoft Defender for Endpoint remains enterprise version) who subscribe to Microsoft 365 Personal and Family. While the service will have a universal skin across all platforms, Microsoft says features will continue to differ from OS to OS.

Differing Features

For example, iOS does not get antivirus protection while macOS, Windows, and Android do. However, iOS does get web phishing protection tools. All platforms will have the same dashboard, which Microsoft says it has simplified.

Android will have the ability to scan for malicious apps, a feature not available on iOS. Furthermore, the Android version of Microsoft Defender will also get web phishing protection. On Windows, Defender will remain mostly the same in terms of features and will not replace the current Security app.

“The expansion of our security portfolio with Microsoft Defender for individuals is the natural and exciting progression in our journey as a security company,” says Vasu Jakkal, corporate vice president of Microsoft security. “This is just the start. As we look forward, we will continue to bring more protections together under a single dashboard, including features like identity theft protection and secure online connection.”

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Microsoft Viva Sales Launches as a CRM Connector



The Microsoft Viva product range is expanding today with the introduction of Microsoft Viva Sales. According to Microsoft, this is a new experience for sellers that allows them to connect customer relationship management (CRM) solutions in a single place.

Microsoft Viva Sales will work in both Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams. The aim of the platform is to provide a more efficient selling experience by tapping into AI solutions. In a blog post, Microsoft explains how work habits changing in and following the pandemic means hybrid solutions are necessary:

“The past two years have changed the way we work. Employees are demanding more from their employers in today’s hybrid world – from the tools they use to the hours and the places that they work. For sellers, the hybrid work environment means spending more time in video conferences, chats, email, and documents to connect with customers and close deals.”

For sales teams in the hybrid space, having access to their chosen CRM is essential. However, many organizations use multiple CRMs, apps, and databases. Jumping between them multiple times per day in a remote setting is not ideal.

Viva Sales

Microsoft points out that moving between services causes numerous interruptions during the day. Microsoft Viva Sales will streamline productivity by placing CRMs, databases, and apps under one roof.

Viva Sales is a new modern way of selling. As a smart CRM companion, Viva Sales makes sellers’ lives easier while enriching their CRM. Think about all the customer and deal insights that are already in Outlook, Teams, and Office applications like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, but never make it into the CRM system. These insights are hard to capture because the seller is tasked with entering data manually.”

“By enhancing the CRM system with customer engagement data from Microsoft 365 and Teams along with the power of artificial intelligence (AI), Viva Sales empowers sellers to be more connected with their customers, resulting in more personalized customer engagements and closed deals faster. This happens through a simple customer tagging feature, which automates the data capture, saves the seller time, and provides their organization with a more complete picture of deal and customer status. With AI embedded throughout, Viva Sales is like a sales coach to move deals along with recommendations and reminders. This intelligence layer provides sellers the information they need to help them be more productive.”

Microsoft Viva

If you are unfamiliar with Microsoft Viva, it is a new employee experience platform comprised of several components. Microsoft 365 underpins the Viva experience, which aims to provide a suite of tools across learning, resources, insights, knowledge, and communications.

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Microsoft Flight Simulator Gets Halo Crossover, Helicopters Landing Soon



Microsoft Flight Simulator is one of the best-taken care of games around. Regular updates bring a constant stream of new features and items to the game. At its Xbox & Bethesda Showcase yesterday, Microsoft has some big announcements for Flight Sim.

Firstly, Microsoft was proudly highlighting that Flight Simulator is the company’s longest-running game franchise. In fact, the series will be celebrating its 40th anniversary in November. Microsoft published a trailer for the 40th Anniversary Edition of the game, while also providing details on what to expect.

Like other major updates, the 40th Anniversary of Microsoft Flight Simulator will be free and huge… it may be the biggest of the lot. I will be available for Xbox and PC Game Pass subscribers. Included in the update will be helicopters for the first time in the latest version of the series. Ahead of that major launch, Microsoft is serving an appetizer that is available right now… a partnership with Halo. Specifically, Microsoft Flight Simulator players can now access the Pelican ship from Halo Infinite and fly it in the game. Again, this is a free update that is currently available as an add-on from the marketplace within the game.

Upcoming Changes

The update is extensive, but below are the highlights:

Historical Aircraft:

  • Wright Flyer
  • Ryan NYP (“Spirit of St. Louis”)
  • Douglas DC-3
  • De Havilland Canada DHC-2-Beaver


  • Bell-407
  • Guimbal Cabri G2


  • DG Flugzeugbau LG8-18
  • DG Flugzeugbau DG1001E neo

True-to-Life Airliner:

  • Airbus A310

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European Commission Threatens Tech Companies with Big Fines Over Deepfakes Content

images (5)

We have all seen deepfakes online and yeah, they are plenty of fun. However, they are also potentially very dangerous and even frightening. We are just at the start of the technology and already deepfakes do a good job of replicating famous people and their voices. The European Commission is planning regulations to force tech companies into combatting deepfakes.

Specifically, Europe’s chief anti-competition regulator says it will issue big fines to tech companies that do not thwart deepfakes on their platforms. Reuters reports the Commission will issue new rules this week that tech firms must follow as part of a wider pushback against fake news.

In a new document, the European Commission says the rules are linked to the existing Digital Services Act, which was agreed upon by EU country members at the start of the year. DSA essentially says that companies that do not comply with regulations will be fined up to 6 percent of their overall global turnover.

For Big Tech giants like Microsoft and Google that rake in billions each year, the fines could be massive.

What Are Deepfakes?

Deepfakes are photos, videos, or audio that are synthetic media. They manipulate the original content with artificial intelligence (AI) to make it seem the content is something else. For example, a person talking in their bedroom could use deepfake to make themselves look like Tom Cruise, complete with movements and voice.

While the technology is still new, it is improving constantly. Some of the best deepfakes will fool people who don’t pay enough attention. In a few years, it’s fair to presume deepfake tech could become seamless.

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Linux “Symbiote” Malware Is Almost Impossible to Detect



Security researchers are warning Linux users of a new malware that they describe as “nearly possible to detect”. Known as Symbiote, the malware can steal user credentials and provides threat actors with remote access to Linux systems. Furthermore, a successful breach will also add rootkit functionality.

Researchers at the BlackBerry Research and Intelligence Team say they have been following the malware since detecting it in November 2021. In a new blog post, the team says the word Symbiote is apt as a title for the malware because symbiotes are organisms that live in symbiosis with another organism.

In malware terms, the threat operates in a similar way and is different from previous Linux attacks:

“What makes Symbiote different … is that it needs to infect other running processes to inflict damage on infected machines,” the researchers say. “Instead of being a standalone executable file that is run to infect a machine, it is a shared object (SO) library that is loaded into all running processes using LD_PRELOAD (T1574.006), and parasitically infects the machine.”

Evasive Malware

If Symbiote is placed onto running processes, attackers can carry out their nefarious goals, such as rootkits, credential harvesting, and remote access. Moreover, the malware functions as a backdoor for the attacker to log in and use the Linux machine.

While the behavior of the malware is new, it has other unique properties that are concerning. Specifically, it is extremely evasive and is “likely to fly under the radar”. In fact, the research team says it is very difficult to spot the malware and know if it is even in use.

“Once the malware has infected a machine, it hides itself and any other malware used by the threat actor, making infections very hard to detect. Performing live forensics on an infected machine may not turn anything up since all the file, processes, and network artifacts are hidden by the malware.”

So evasive is the malware that the team says it does not know whether threat actors are currently using Symbiote.

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Adobe Makes Photoshop Free on the Web



Adobe Photoshop is one of the most enduring editing apps, and also the most popular photo-editing software. However, while there are free versions of the platform most premium tools are behind a paywall. If you are using Photoshop on the web, Adobe is knocking down that wall and making the app free to all.

The only caveat is you will need to have an Adobe account to access Photoshop for free on the web. This free-to-use model is currently in preview so Adobe can test the situation. That trial is only available in Canada, but the company says it may extend to our countries.

If the trial is successful, the free web Photoshop will roll out everywhere. As for having an Adobe account, it is worth noting a free account is all that is needed to enjoy Photoshop at no cost.

So, what exactly do you get for free? Well, most tools but not quite the complete Photoshop suite. Yes, in other words, the web version will remain under a freemium model. The difference will be that more tools and features will be on the free side of the paywall.

Which Features are Free?

Adobe says most features, brushes, and other tools will be available for free. Some high-level features will remain exclusive to entice users to pay for a subscription.

“We want to make [Photoshop] more accessible and easier for more people to try it out and experience the product,” says Maria Yap, Adobe’s VP of digital imaging.

You may be thinking that Adobe Photoshop has been available on the web for ages but that is not the case. In fact, the web version of the editor made its debut in 2021, making it a relatively new product. However, in its free state, the app provides a relatively limited selection of tools, although Adobe has been expanding the feature set.

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Report: Meta Cancels the Facebook Watch



Facebook has long been rumored to be working on a smartwatch to rival the Apple Watch or Android wearables. In fact, there has been evidence of ongoing development as recently as late 2021. However, it now seems Meta (Facebook’s rebrand parent company) has decided to stop the development of the device.

While only renders of the proposed Facebook Watch were ever seen, it is widely believed the device was a genuine project within the company running on the codename Milan. In fact, it was also purported to deliver a fresh take on smartwatch technology by placing a camera on the device for videos and images.

It would look similar to the Apple Watch with a rectangular design with rounded covers, with a function button on the right. Facebook was originally planning a 2023 launch and a price tag of $349 (again, in line with the Apple Watch).


Bloomberg now reports that despite spending two years and plenty of money developing the device, Meta has decided not to put it into production. The question is why is Meta cutting this device? There are a few answers worth considering:

  •  Cost-Cutting: Meta has confirmed it is on a path to cutting $3 billion from its annual expenses amid the ongoing economic downturn. The company is also facing issues such as the first decrease in Facebook users ever.
  • Terrible track record: Facebook’s track record with in-house hardware is abysmal. The never-launched Facebook Phone shows the company tries to develop devices that ultimately never arrive.
  • Technical Difficulties: It is reported placing the camera module into the wearable has been challenging because it would interfere with other sensors. It seems Meta was unwilling to forgo the camera and saw it as a must-have component of the smartwatch.
  • Re-focusing: There is no doubt that Meta/Facebook is now full steam ahead in the Metaverse. While a camera watch could be useful in the metaverse, it would clearly be a niche product. Meta is focusing on the wider development of Metaverse software.

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