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Leak: Complete Intel Arc Alchemist GPU Series Lands Online with Prices

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Intel is getting ready to launch its Arc Alchemist GPU series. This will be a new first-generation product that customers have been anticipating for a long time. However, ahead of the launch users can get an early glimpse of the series and how much each processor will cost thanks to an online leak.

It is worth noting the Intel Arc A380 is already launched in China and OEMs are putting it into devices. Intel has also given teases of the Arc Alchemist A750 Limited Edition, highlighting performance details. According to the company, the GPU outperforms the Nvidia RTX 3060.

This latest leak is the first time we have seen the whole Intel Arc collection and with pricing information included.

A report from Wccftech highlights the series in full, including the desktop SKUs, Xe cores, VRAM, and Execution Units. Alongside the two Intel Arc Alchemist GPUs we already know about, there will also be three additional SKUs.

The Arc 3 will get another SKU called the A310, while there is also an Arc A580 and the flagship Arc A770.

Arc Alchemist Product Details

SKU Xe-cores Execution Units (EUs) FROM Price
A770 32 512 16 GB $399
A750 24 384 8 GB $300-$350
A580 16 256 8 GB $200-$250
A380 8 128 6 GB $150 – $200
A310 6 96 4 GB $99

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