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Microsoft Account Requirement for Minecraft: Java Edition Migration Now Underway


It has been over a year since the late 2020 announcement from Mojang Studios that it will switch to Microsoft Accounts on Minecraft. It was further evidence of the studio’s increasing integration with its parent company. Today, the developer says that planned migration is now underwayuhj.

Until now, Minecraft: Java Edition and Minecraft Launcher players on PC have been using Mojang Accounts to play the game. That is changing per Mojang’s long-standing plan. The company says switching to Microsoft Accounts provides more secure and seamless connection with Microsoft’s wider services and other Minecraft versions.

With a deadline in place for the migration, all users on Minecraft: Java Edition will be forced to use a Microsoft Account. Following March 10, 2022, an official account from Microsoft will be a requirement to play the Java Edition.

Mojang is giving players a small amount of time to voluntarily migrate from their old account to a Microsoft one. Once that time period is up, Mojang Accounts will no longer work on Minecraft: Java Edition.


Mojang explains the following details regarding the smooth process of migrating an account:

  • “There’s no fee or cost to migrating, and it only takes a few minutes to complete. An option to begin the migration process will appear in the Minecraft Launcher or Minecraft website whenever you log in
  • Minecraft: Java Edition is still completely supported and unchanged, and all of your save data, worlds, profile information, and even mods remain fully intact and migrate seamlessly
  • You’ll gain added security through a Microsoft Account, including the option for full two-factor authentication (2FA)
  • You’ll also gain added online privacy and safety through a Microsoft Account, with plenty of additional options and settings to customize
  • A Microsoft Account can be used to access a variety of services with one log-in, including Minecraft: Java Edition, Minecraft: Bedrock Edition, and Minecraft Dungeons through the Microsoft Launcher”

To reward players making the migration, Mojang is giving each a free cape for their Minecraft character. It is worth noting the gift is available even if you miss the deadline and migrate because you’re forced to.

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