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Meta – the parent company born from Facebook – is fully behind the Metaverse and aiming to be the leader in this burgeoning technology. Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be at the core of Metaverse development and Meta’s own technology within it. Facebook founder and Meta chief Mark Zuckerberg has announced the company’s new Builder Bot to drive development.

Announced this week, the Meta Builder Bot helps people create virtual worlds just by typing a description. Zuckerberg unveiled the tool at a special presentation, although Meta says it is still in the prototype phase.

During the event, the executive showed how Builder Bot could create a cloudy island paradise scene with trees, clouds, hydrofoil and other elements. Furthermore, the Bot could also create audio such as bird sounds and ambient sounds.

Meta admits this early stage of the bots development means its creations are rather basic. However, the technology is hugely impressive, and that comes from a card carrying believer the Metaverse is a bad thing.

“As we advance this technology further, you’ll be able to create nuanced worlds to explore and share experiences with others with just your voice,” Zuckerberg explained during the AI event.

Building a AI Future

Obviously, the endgame here is for the bot to build complex worlds with expansive details based on what users describe. Although, Meta is not saying when that will be possible or even suggesting when the Builder Bot will become widely available.

Last month, we reported on how Meta is poaching Microsoft’s AI staff to help drive its Metaverse goals. The company has been trying to do similar to Apple, prompting the Cupertino giant to provide bonuses to staff to keep them happy. Considering Microsoft is reportedly killing HoloLens 3, its mixed reality staff may be tempted by Meta.

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