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Microsoft has been promising 3D emojis in Windows 11 since last year. However, a launch of 2D versions recently on the platform suggested the company was backtracking. It now seems there is still life in Redmond’s plans for 3D emojis on the Windows platform.

Nando Costa, a designer at Microsoft, recently wrote a blog post that hints the plan to make emojis look 3D is still happening.

In that blog post, Costa focused on the company’s overall vision for emoji on Windows 11. While the post does not discuss future plans for 3D emoji, Nando took a tweet asking why Microsoft’s current emojis don’t look like the vision.

Costa says he agrees and wants emojis to be 3D and that the “we’re working on that.” While this is hardly official confirmations 3D emojis on Windows 11 is still a potential thing, it at least signals the project is not dead.

2D Versions

In November, Microsoft sent out an update the enhanced all emojis on Windows 11, upgrading them to Fluent 2D instead of the previous Segoe UI. However, the update meant Microsoft was at least putting a significant delay on the release of 3D emoji.

It may make sense from a technical standpoint as 2D renderings are more compatible across a range of applications. Microsoft may be seeing technical issues in implementing 3D versions. Although, the company clearly thought 3D emojis are possible at one point and seems to still be working on a solution.

As for the current emoji situation on Windows, Costa’s blog is worth a read. It details Microsoft’s journey with emojis and how the company is attempting to add human elements to its designs.

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