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Network-Value debuts Microsoft Teams Device Trade-In Program

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This week, Microsoft revealed its Microsoft Teams communication and collaboration platform now has over 270 million monthly active users. Organizations continue to migrate to digital solutions as work habits change in the wage of the COVID pandemic. However, for some businesses, it can be hard to dispose of old hardware that has been replaced by digital methods.

To help, Microsoft has launched a new device trade-in program. In collaboration with Network-Value, Microsoft is giving customers an opportunity to ethically sell of aging hardware:

“The path to modernizing your meetings and phasing out legacy equipment should not be one of these difficult or confusing decisions.

Today, we are pleased to announce the launch of Device Trade-In for Microsoft Teams, a new program that makes it easy for businesses to receive cash back for their existing meeting room video conferencing equipment and desktop phones when switching to Microsoft Teams.”


Network-Value is a US firm that specializes in trade-in programs for global businesses. With the help of the company, Microsoft Teams subscribers can dispose of devices in an environmentally friendly way and still get competitive prices for them.

Because Network-Value works globally, any company of any size can participate in Microsoft’s program.

Of course, prices you can receive for devices depends on several factors. Microsoft points out market demand, the condition of the hardware, and the age of the product are all considerations that determine the value.

Microsoft anticipates some organizations will have hardware that is completely obsolete and has no resale value. If that’s the case, Network-Value will not pay for the device but will dispose of it in a responsible way.

When an organization receives a quote from the company, they have 45 days to make a decision. Network-Value also offers technical support where experts will visit companies and help them decommission hardware on site.

Any business interested in this trade-in program can access Network-Value through Microsoft’s website here.

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