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Microsoft says it will no longer be rolling out the latest version of Azure Sphere. In a rare move, Microsoft is not only postponing the update, but the company is also cancelling it entirely. According to Microsoft, the release simply did not pass quality control.

The update was supposed to be Azure Sphere OS version 22.01. Earlier this month, Microsoft scheduled the update for January 26. However, that date passed, and users were left wondering what happened to the new version.

In a blog post, Microsoft confirmed that an issue in the Retail Eval channel meant the update has been thrown in the trash.

“During the evaluation period for 22.01, a customer reported intermittent network connection failures during the OS update process when using the ENC28J60 Ethernet interface for Internet connectivity. To adhere to our quality standards, we are cancelling the 22.01 release while we investigate this.”

While that means no 22.01 update, Azure Sphere user do not need to wait long for the next bump. Microsoft says version 22.02 will roll out in the second half of February. The company also points out the updates in 22.01 were minor and none of the improvements were security related.

Interestingly, the update was still showing in the Retail Eval feed at the time of writing.

Azure Sphere

Azure Sphere left preview in 2020 to enhance security for Internet of Things (IoT) devices. Microsoft announced Sphere in 2018 and in 2019 said the service would leave preview in February 2020.

Azure Sphere is comprised of Microsoft microcontrollers alongside Sphere Linux-based OS and a Sphere cloud security service.

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