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WinBuzzer News Microsoft Intune is Blocking Gmail Access on Samsung Devices

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Microsoft has confirmed an issue with its Microsoft Intune service on Samsung devices. Specifically, some Samsung smartphones cannot access email and VPN apps when running through Intune. The apps lose their certification access following an update to Android 12.

When a Samsung device is enrolled in a work profile on Microsoft Intune, they cannot connect to email services like Gmail or access AnyConnectVPN. There are also some other apps affected by the issue. Microsoft has not said which devices have the problem, so I presume it could happen to any Samsung phone or tablet.

Microsoft has a close mobile collaboration with Samsung and is working with the company to find a permanent solution. Until then, there are temporary workarounds to allow devices to work with Gmail and AnyConnect VPN.

“Microsoft Intune was recently alerted to an issue for Samsung devices enrolled with a work profile that, after updating to Android 12, some email and VPN applications are losing access to certificates when the user tries to access them (such as Gmail and AnyConnect VPN),” explains Microsoft.

AnyConnect VPN Workaround

  • Go to Settings > Work Profile > Apps > AnyConnect VPN > Storage > Clear Data.
  • Upon opening AnyConnect VPN again, the app will request the certificates again in a popup prompt.
  • Select the certificate to fix the problem.

Gmail Workaround

  1. Open the Company Portal app> Menu > tap Remove Company Portal.
  2. Open Google Play app > select the Intune Company Portal app > Uninstall the app.
  3. In Google Play, Install the Intune Company Portal app.
  4. Open and sign into the Company Portal.
  5. Gmail in the work profile now works as expected.

Alternatively, Gmail users can remove and re-add configuration for the app if they have admin privileges.

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