It’s all good news and back slapping happing at Microsoft as the company once again basks in the glory of consistent growth, sky-high revenues, and healthy profits. During its fiscal Q2 2022 earnings call, Microsoft confirmed all divisions are in excellent condition. That includes Microsoft Teams, which now has over 270 million monthly active users.

It is worth noting this number comes from Microsoft Corporate Vice President of Communications Frank X. Shaw. The company does not offer official numbers often, but this is as close as it gets.

Back at the start of 2020, Microsoft Teams had around 10-20 million daily active users. This was seen as a win for Microsoft against competitors like Slack. Since then, the world has changed quite a bit and over the next year Teams added over 200 million new users.

The COVID-19 impacted day-to-day work and play habits, locking most people into their homes. Communication platforms like Teams because essential for organizations and individuals. Teams has been growing steadily since March 2020 and by July 2021 had 250 million active monthly users.


Steady Growth

In the following six months the platform has added over 20 million additional users. It seems growth is slowing from the height of the pandemic, but users are still flocking to Teams.

Microsoft does not detail the actual user numbers in its earnings call. However, CEO Satya Nadella points out Microsoft Teams is getting “growth in every segment” and “becoming the standard for unified communications.”

Over 90% of Fortune 500 companies now users the Teams Phone services. With the threat of COVID still looming and work habits potentially transformed forever, Teams growth will likely continue.

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