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Microsoft Details 25 Windows Policies to Avoid Setting

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Due to the evolving nature of Windows, which has constant updates, utilities are dropping into obsolescence frequently. When an older utility becomes useless, there is no need to have it set on the platform. Whether because it is simply pointless or because it poses a security risk. Either way, Microsoft is now detailing 25 Windows policies that were once usable but are now worth nothing.

It is worth noting while these are Windows policies to avoid setting, the information is only really relevant to IT admins. That’s why Microsoft is highlighting the policies on the Windows IT Pro blog. This is the place where only IT pros and admins can have any fun.

According to Microsoft’s Aria Carley, there are 25 policies that are now obsolete and users can avoid.

“The Windows update policy set contains policies that no longer have any impact; that don’t work as described on devices running Windows 10, version 20H2 or later; or that work but not as well as the policies that were added to accomplish a similar experience in a much better way,” Carley explains.


It is worth heading to the TechCommunity blog post to see which policies have been repossessed by Microsoft.

Regarding the new Windows 11, the post highlighted a separate subfolder that shows which policies are now considered obsolete. IT Pros can pick and choose which they think is useful or not.

Windows policies are located in developer mode, a section of the Windows platform for IT pros, admins, and dev’s. If you want to know how to turn developer mode on in Windows 11, our tutorial breaks down the process into straightforward steps.

Tip of the day: When you boot Windows it delays the launch of startup programs for ten seconds so your desktop and Windows services will have finished loading. If you want to speed up boot time, have a look at our tutorial about how to disable startup delay.

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