During the launch period of the original Surface Duo in 2020, Microsoft said the Android smartphone would receive regular updates. That never happened, there’s nothing like bad sales to sap a company’s update commitment. However, the Surface Duo is now getting its long-awaited upgrade to Android 11.

Microsoft originally planned to bring Android 11 to the Surface Duo before the end of 2021. However, that deadline was not met, and Microsoft put the blame on Google. Earlier this month, Microsoft explained the issues with the release and said it would arrive by the end of this month.

This time the company has been able to keep its promise as Android 11 is now rolling out to the Duo. Interestingly, this is the first update of any kind the handset has gotten since last June, and even that was a stability release. So much for regular updates.

By moving to Android 11, the original Surface Duo is joining the newer Surface Duo 2 on the software. However, that is hardly impressive considering Android 12 is now available.

Moving Slowly

Earlier this month, we reported that Microsoft will now skip Android 12 for both the Surface Duo and Surface Duo 2, favoring a direct jump to Android 12L. This is the latest updated version of Android 12 that adds more features, including features that will appeal to Duo users.

When that will happen is anyone’s guess, as it seems Microsoft is ok with the Duo range lagging behind. My guess would be the Surface Duo 2 gets its Android 12L jump later this year, while the OG Duo may have to wait longer. I will be happy if I am wrong.

As for what users are getting on their Duo with Android 11, the full changelog is below. There are UI changes across the software experience. Select apps now have an auto-span ability, more support for the Surface Pen, and a new Photos app are now available.

Official Changelog

  • Upgrades the Android operating system to Android 11.
  • Addresses scenarios outlined in the Android Security Bulletin—January 2022.
  • Enabled launching of OneNote when clicking the top button on Surface Slim Pen 2. It requires Surface Slim Pen 2 to be paired with Surface Duo.
  • Enabled in Surface Duo features, in Settings, to choose preference for answering phone calls when folded.
  • Enabled in Surface Duo features, in Settings, to choose specific apps to automatically span across both screens when you open them.
  • Optimized Quick Settings and notification width for portrait and landscape orientations.
  • Adjust media volume directly from Quick Settings in any device mode.
  • Use thumb mode in Microsoft SwiftKey now with all device modes and application states.
  • Updated app drawer and folder design with improved drag-and-drop support.
  • Refreshed Microsoft feed design with updated cards and new Microsoft Start widgets for News and Weather.
  • Photos by OneDrive: New dual-screen enhanced experience for viewing and editing photos in the OneDrive app.
  • Xbox Game Pass: Discovery and play games from the cloud with an on-screen controller. Some devices, accessories, and software sold separately. Additional fees and/or subscriptions required for some apps and features.

Send feedback to Microsoft by opening Settings, then tap About, then tap Give feedback to Microsoft.

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