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Microsoft seems to be on a mission to make its Edge web browser an all-in-one internet tool. We have seen numerous Microsoft Edge updates and features that don’t really have anything to do with the browser experience. With the latest news that a YouTube integration is coming to the browser, we have yet another useful but unnecessary feature.

Normally for the kind of integrations and features Microsoft is throwing at Edge, users would need extensions. Of course, Edge has extensions, so it is unclear why Microsoft wants to many features. It seems like the company just wants Edge to be as feature-rich as possible even without extensions.

With the YouTube integration, the company is adding a YouTube panel where videos will appear in Microsoft Edge Collections. It is part of Microsoft’s goal to add an RSS feed to the browser and will allow users to see YouTube videos in a single click via the Collections pane.

With the YouTube follow button, users will be able to add their favorite creators. This button will be located in the URL bar of videos, allowing you to add creators to your Edge follow list in a single click. When a new video is uploaded from a channel you follow, Edge will notify you and allow quick access to watch the content.

This YouTube feature is currently in A/B testing so it is only available to select Edge testers on the Canary development channel. Those who have used it say it is enabled by default, but that may change when it reached the full release.

Discover Tab

Microsoft is also working on  a new Discover tab for Edge. While this is similar to the Discover tab on Google Chrome, in Edge the feature allows users to see similar content to what they are watching through Bing.

This feature is also in limited availability via Edge Canary. It shows up on the right side of the browser windows and appears when the user clicks a new button.

Tip of the day: The Windows default font these days is Segoe UI, a fairly simple and no-nonsense typeface that’s used across many of Microsoft’s products. However, though some like this subdued style, others look to change Windows font to something with a bit more personality.

Thankfully, Microsoft does let you change Windows fonts, but it doesn’t make it particularly easy. I our tutorial we show you how to change system font in Windows 10, or restore it again if you don’t like the changes.

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