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Microsoft is adding a new single sign-on (SSO) feature in Office Add-ins. While this will boost security of add-ins within the Office suite, it is only available for the web version of Microsoft’s productivity platform.

According to the company, the new SSO for Add-ins only works in some Office applications. Specifically, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. While they are the core apps on the suite, it means add-ins in apps like Outlook will not get the SSO.

Microsoft is selling the new feature as a way to bring more reliability on Office on the web. As a new service, users with Office Add-ins must change their authorized client applications like in the Azure portal with this ID: 93d53678-613d-4013-afc1-62e9e444a0a5.

With the ID ea5a67f6-b6f3-4338-b240-c655ddc3cc8e that some customers already have, no changes are necessary because this ID includes the SSO service automatically. Microsoft explains that an update may be necessary for individual application IDs:

“You don’t have to do anything to take advantage of the new service after the rollout period, but if you check in your applications back-end for specific application IDs, be sure to update it appropriately.”


The new SSO for those Microsoft Office apps will start rolling out on February 7, so users must configure before then or applications will not accept the new SSO.

“If you do not update your application pre-authorization for SSO enabled add-ins, they will cease to use the SSO flow as of this date in Office on the web and will instead utilize the implemented fallback method, if available. You will also see error 13005 as the response if you have not updated your preauthorizations.”

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