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EA Confirms FIFA Ultimate Team Breach That Led to Hijacked Accounts

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FIFA is one of the most popular video games in the world, with each yearly edition topping game charts. Furthermore, it has a massive after-market platform through FIFA Ultimate Team, where players trade cards and build teams to compete with each other. However, EA has confirmed that Ultimate Team player accounts have been breached.

Reports on social media from angry players urged the company to look into the matter. Those players claimed their FIFA Ultimate Team accounts have been hijacked. Once the threat actor had access, they would steal the in-game currency that users purchase with real cash and redeem for cards and other perks.

EA did respond with an investigation and has quickly confirmed there was indeed a breach. Moreover, the company is apologizing to customers.

According to the biggest games company in the world, attackers users “threats and other social engineering methods” including posing as real football players to “exploit human error within our customer experience team.” They were able to overcome the two-factor authentication EA uses for its online gaming portal.


To compensate users who were affected, EA will identify those users and return their accounts to them… hopefully with he coins restored.

“We’d like to apologize for the inconvenience and frustration that this has caused,” EA said to close out their statement. “Thanks to the whole community for your patience as we continue to address the situation and take corrective actions.”

The company will also give if customer experience team “individual re-training” to avoid a similar situation in the future. Furthermore, new steps will be added to the verification process of accounts.

In total, 50 FIFA Ultimate Team accounts were affected by the breach.

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