Google is rolling out a new retail service called Qaya. Currently in beta preview, Google Qaya is available only in the United States. It is a special storefront for content creators who want to sell their services and merchandise directly to audiences.

Many content creators operate their own storefronts, which costs money. Google Qaya will provide the same benefits at the fraction of the cost. The project was developed within Google’s Area 120 incubator.

Google believes now is the best time to launch such a storefront with content creators becoming more common:

“After spending time with dozens of creators, we consistently heard that building a digital creator business is time-consuming and difficult. This sparked a new project idea: Qaya, a product that provides web storefronts for creators who want to sell products and services directly to their audiences.”


Content creators are able to sell a broad range of products, from merch to software, including subscriptions. They can also offer free content through Qaya. Google will provide more options for monetizing in the future.

Moreover, creators can provide direct access to all their channels across social media and see analytics to see how their products are performing and engaging with customers.

“Creators use Qaya as the hub for their business activity across the web. Many link to their Qaya storefronts from their social media bios, and showcase digital products they upload or products and services hosted on other sites. We provide custom or URLs, with payment functionality built in.”

While the Google Qaya beta is currently limited to the US, Google says the service will come to more countries soon.

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