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Windows 11 to Get Windows Terminal as Default Command Line Experience


Way back at Build 2019, Microsoft announced Windows Terminal, a new command line experience for the Windows platform. Since then, the tool was released in preview, passed through several preview builds before getting a full release at Build 2020. Microsoft now says Windows Terminal will become the default command line experience on Windows 11 in 2022.

During its preview and first year and a half of full release, Windows Terminal has served as an alternative to the Windows Console Host for command line needs. Users could change the default to the Terminal, but it was not set that way.

Microsoft explains it is moving away from the Windows Console Host, which the company says he been serving command line tools since the “dawn of Windows.” However, it is now time to change to the Windows Terminal.

“Over the course of 2022, we are planning to make Windows Terminal the default experience on Windows 11 devices,” says Microsoft’s Kayla Cinnamon. “We will start with the Windows Insider Program and start moving through rings until we reach everyone on Windows 11.”

Two Options

It is worth noting Microsoft isn’t removing the Windows Console Host, or at least the company does not say that. Instead, it seems the Console Host will become the alternative that can be set to default. Of course, it is also possible Microsoft eventually removes it, but that does not seem to be the plan.

So, starting in 2022, when users visit the Command Prompt, the Windows Terminal will open in Windows 11.

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