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Microsoft Edge Gets Detached Elements Tool for Managing Memory Leaks

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Microsoft Edge is getting a new tool that allows users to see when there are memory leaks and help them manage the situation. In a blog post, Microsoft announced the Detached Elements feature for the Microsoft Edge DevTools platform.

This tool can give developers the ability to see and investigate Document Object Model (DOM) leaks. Essentially, the tool shows detached elements that users can look more deeply into. Microsoft explains that detaching elements is not necessarily a problem, although it could become one:

“There are valid reasons for detaching elements from the tree. An application might want to remove an element from the view but re-attach it later or in a different place. For example, Twitter detaches and re-attaches tweets as you scroll through the feed.

A DOM memory leak occurs when an application keeps references to more and more of these detached elements, without actually reusing them later.

To help find and fix DOM memory leaks, the Microsoft Edge team collaborated with Microsoft Teams to build a tool that detects and displays the detached elements on a page.”

Microsoft says the new Detached Elements tool is coming to Microsoft Edge 97.

Performance Tools

Earlier this week, Microsoft launched tools for monitoring and managing performance on Edge. Known as the Microsoft Performance Tools for Linux-Android, the set of tools – you guessed it – allows users to measure browser performance on those platforms.

“Microsoft-Performance-Tools for Linux-Android is a set of trace processing tooling that delivers many of the great features, power, methodology and ecosystem, that has been used to drive Windows performance for the past 15+ years with an evolving and refreshed toolset.”

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