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Report: Microsoft and Samsung to Collaborate on Mixed Reality Project

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Microsoft is one of the leaders in augmented reality (AR) with its HoloLens 2 headset and Windows Mixed Reality platform. Of course, the company also does a lot of research and development beyond its products. In the latest push, the company is reportedly teaming with Samsung, itself a company with a keen interest in virtual reality.

According to Elec, the two tech giants are working on a new AR project, but the details around it are vague. It seems the companies have been working together since earlier this year and the project will extend through 2023.

That means any results that will have a commercial face will not be seen until 2024. In other words, it will be a long time before we see any details on the project. That’s if the project exists at all… at the moment we are firmly in the realm of rumor.

Still, Microsoft and Samsung are partners and it is likely the two could work together on AR development. Samsung has already worked on elements of Windows Mixed Reality with Microsoft, including developing hardware.


The only information we have is that Samsung will build any resulting hardware. That again makes plenty of success considering Samsung’s massive success in smartphones and Microsoft’s average at best track record in hardware.

This is the kind of project that could go silent for years and suddenly a product drops or we will get a series of leaks. Either way, it seems we will not see the end results for several years, so watch this space.

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