Microsoft has been rolling out some interesting updates for the Bing search platform recently. AI travel searches and a collaboration with Shopify have grabbed attention. In the latest boost for Microsoft Bing, the search engine is receiving a feature to help users get more quick information.

Known as Page Insights, the new tool provides more information on pages that surface on search results. Microsoft says these are “summarized insights” that provide more details on each page.

This is an expanding section that is available for pages that have a lightbulb icon next to them. Clicking the lightbulb will open a smaller 1/3 size window that shows details about the website, images, information, and details on the specifics of the content.

With the Explore More options, users can see more information and find related content on the chosen webpage.

“Let’s imagine you have a specific question – you want a deeper understanding of the formation of the solar system’s asteroid belt, but aren’t interested in other facts about it. Simply search for “asteroid belt”, hover over the Page insights lightbulb icon for the top result, and you’ll see that the page in question addresses your question in detail. Click the ‘Read more’ button and you’ll automatically be dropped onto the portion of the page that discusses your question in detail.”

Shopify Partnership

Last month, Microsoft announced a collaboration with ecommerce giant Shopify.

In Microsoft Bing and Microsoft Edge, the new integration can be found in the Shopping tab. Here users can find listed Shopify products quickly. When a merchant adds a product, it will automatically be included on the Shopping tab for Bing and Microsoft Start for free.

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