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Microsoft Plans OneDrive 64-Bit ARM Preview to Windows and Apple M1

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At the recent Ignite 2021 conference, Microsoft announced OneDrive will support ARM devices across Windows and Apple M1. Both will arrive in 2022, but Microsoft is now revealing its plans about the Preview of ARM for OneDrive on the Current Channel.

Microsoft says once the support passes through the Current Channel it will reach General Availability. Support for both Apple’s M1 and Microsoft’s own Windows on ARM will come to OneDrive preview builds early next month.

According to Microsoft, the preview rollout will be complete by midway through December. Looking ahead, OneDrive users will get the non-review release will start rolling out between January and mid-February.


Enabling the preview involves joining the Current Channel (Preview) and start it through OneDrive Settings > About. It is possible to opt out of the preview through the same path. Microsoft points out the ARM clients may behave differently on Windows or M1, despite having the same functionality.

“The 64-bit version is the right choice if you plan to use large files, if you have a lot of files, and if you have a computer that’s running a 64-bit version of Windows,” Microsoft’s Ankita Kirti said in a blog post at the time.

“Computers running 64-bit versions of Windows generally have more resources – such as processing power and memory – than their 32-bit predecessors. Also, 64-bit applications can access more memory than 32-bit applications (up to 18.4 million Petabytes).” 

Having a 64-bit version of OneDrive is important, not least because it means the app can support larger files more efficiently on Windows. Of course, this will depend on whether your version of Windows 10 supports 64-bit.

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