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Microsoft Makes x64 Windows on ARM Emulation Exclusive to Windows 11


Last December, Microsoft finally brought x64 support to Windows 10 on ARM. This essentially created an emulation environment where 32-bit programs can run in x64 emulation. Since then, the feature has been in preview, but Microsoft has some disappointing news.

While the x64 emulator for Windows on ARM is still coming, it will not longer be available on Windows 10. Instead, Microsoft will roll it out exclusively for Windows 11. In fact, that is already happening with the emulation now reaching general availability on the new platform.

Microsoft does not offer much of a reason why it is pulling the plug for Windows 10 users:

We have received questions about the status of x64 emulation in Windows 10. Microsoft wants to share an update that x64 emulation for Windows is only generally available in Windows 11. For those interested in experiencing x64 emulation, a PC running Windows 11 on Arm is required. Microsoft is committed to supporting customers on Windows 10 on Arm through October 14, 2025.”

This seems a simple case of Microsoft wanting to add exclusive features to a new platform. Windows 10 users can still use Windows on ARM for x86 emulation and standard 32-bit, but they will not get the x64 support.

ADM Co-Development

Microsoft is working on developing its own ARM processor alongside AMD. The chip will service Windows on ARM devices, both Surface and OEM hardware.

While Microsoft and AMD are working on the chip, likely to be used in Surface devices, it will not be exclusive. That means other Windows on ARM OMDs will be able to access the silicon and use it in their devices.

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