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Earlier this week, Microsoft announced Windows 11 SE, a new education-focused SKU of its platform. While the company revealed much about the platform, some questions were left answered. For example, the overall availability of the OS. Some users have asked if they can install Windows 11 SE on their old laptops, or whether they can upgrade from SE to other SKUs.

Long story short, Microsoft says no on installing the platform. In a PDF document explaining SE, Microsoft says the only way to get the platform is to buy a machine with its installed. Older laptops are not going to be compatible with Windows 11 SE.

That’s bad news for people running old hardware that might have done well under the more basic SE software.

“Windows 11 SE is not intended for personal use. We expect that most customers would find Windows SE too restrictive on a personal device,” Microsoft points out.

However, if you buy a machine with Windows 11 SE and wish to upgrade to another SKU, that is possible. So, you can upgrade from SE to the full Windows 11 package. However, Microsoft says doing so will remove Windows 11 SE for good. In other words, there is no going back.

The company says “if you’d like to use a Windows 11 SE device for personal use, you may purchase a license for the version of Windows you’d like, completely erase all the data, files, settings, favorites, and the Windows 11 SE operating system on your device, and install your licensed version of Windows. After that, there would be no way to get back to Windows 11 SE.”

Surface Laptop SE

Microsoft launched the Surface Laptop SE alongside the new Windows 11 variant. The lowest cost Surface device ever, the $249 Laptop SE gives users an 11.6-inch screen, stereo speakers, a 720p HD camera, 16-hour battery life, and an Intel Celeron processor. Microsoft is being a little quite on all the specs, which means they are probably not great.

Tip of the day: Windows Power Throttling can net up to 11% more battery savings per charge with little negative impact. In some scenarios you might consider turning Power Throttling off for single apps that you want run with maximum performance. Our tutorial shows you various methods to manage Power Throttling.

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