Microsoft To-Do went through a spell a couple of years ago when Microsoft was rolling out features on a monthly basis. That was because of a transition of abilities from Wunderlist. Since then, To-Do has fallen into a more modest update schedule. However, this week it is getting one of the biggest features in some time.

Specifically, IoT automation platform IFTTT is now supporting Microsoft To-Do. This means Microsoft’s task management app is directly integrated into IFTTT. It can also link with other services on the platform, such as Google Tasks, Slack, and more.

If you are unfamiliar with IFTTT, it is essentially an intermediary service that connects apps together. Users create applets that let them automate tasks across their favorite services.


Microsoft confirmed To-Do’s integration into IFTT on Twitter. There was also a link to Microsoft To-Do connecting applets. While this is limited at the moment, expect it to grow in the coming weeks and months.

Here are some applets that caught our attention:

  • Apple’s iOS Calendar: When an event that matches your search is added to your iOS Calendar, a new task will be added to your Microsoft To Do list.
  • Slack: Whenever a Microsoft To Do task in your specified list is completed, send a message in a Slack channel.
  • Amazon Alexa: When a new task is added to your Amazon Alexa list, this Applet will add a new item to your Microsoft To Do list.”

As always in IFTTT, users can create custom applets, so it is worth playing around to see if you can come up with some individual combos.

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