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Microsoft HoloLens 2 Devices are Bricking Following Faulty Insider Build

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Microsoft says there is a problem with HoloLens 2 headsets running the Insider preview build 20346.1466 of Windows Holographic. According to the company, this build is causing headsets to completely brick.

Users have confirmed this is happening to them. This not just a problem where the HoloLens 2 crashes, but instead actually bricks. While it is not happening to everyone installing build 20346.1466, the problem stems from a failed update process.

Microsoft has provided the following details that allow users to check if their HoloLens 2 headset is affected:

  1. “Reboot – Hold down the power until the LED’s step down.
  2. Power up.
  3. Confirm you see the Windows flag at the beginning of the boot and it goes black shortly after that.
  4. Connect your HoloLens2 to your PC with USB and run Advanced Recovery companion.
  5. Select the HoloLens.
  6. If the version says you are running the 20346.1466 build, you likely hit this issue.”


If your HoloLens 2 does brick because of the update, Microsoft says the device will require a reflash. Microsoft is pushing this as the workaround to the problem for affected users. It is worth noting the company says a reflash would normally only be done under “extraordinary situations”.

Either way, there is an Advanced Recovery Companion (ARC) app that helps users who need to reflash their device.

While this is annoying, it is also part of the deal with Insider builds. The whole point of pre-release builds is that they are unstable and problems could happen. Users trade getting access to new features ahead of time with testing unstable builds and allowing Microsoft to iron out any issues.

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