Microsoft is planning to improve the Apps & Features section of the Windows 11 Settings application. Specifically, Microsoft wants to make changes to how users uninstall applications and manage apps on their device.

This change is currently in testing on the Inside Program via Windows 11 preview Build 22494. There is a design refresh for the “Installed app” section of the Apps & Features hub. Under the current system, the Settings app lists currently installed UWP applications on this page.

Users can scroll through apps but this is not necessarily efficient, especially for users with a large number of apps. Of course, there is a search box to look for individual apps, but there is no view toggle to switch from the scrolling list.

Microsoft is changing the system so the Apps & Features page now separates applications into categories with their own page. Furthermore, Build 22494 adds the ability to switch views, with three available. These layouts are the existing list, thumbnail like live tiles, and static tiles.

Other Changes

Microsoft also highlights other changes made to the Settings app with this update:

  • “If you’re searching for file type or link types under Settings > Apps > Default apps, we’ll now show a dropdown of options containing your current query without having to first press enter.
  • If needed, you can now launch the installed apps settings page under Settings > Apps > Installed apps directly via this URI: ms-settings:installed-apps.
  • Adjusted the names of the sort by options under Settings > Apps > Installed apps to help make them clearer and added a new option to sort from smallest to largest size.”

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