It seems one of the most anticipated features for WhatsApp is leaving preview and becoming widely available. Specifically, multi-device support that allows you to receive and send messages across devices without them needing to connect to your phone.

This ability is still in preview as a beta release, but reports suggest it is now reaching the stable version of WhatsApp. Up to four devices can be linked at the same time, without any of them needing to be connected to a phone.

It seems WhatsApp is rolling out the feature slowly, so some users may not get it just yet. Until the full roll out is complete, the feature remains available for everyone if they sign up for WhatsApp Beta testing.

When the feature is enabled, users can receive and send messages on the desktop WhatsApp application or on the web without their phone. Although, other tasks such as deleting conversations or messages is not possible, at least not yet.

Full Features

You can also make voice and video calls on the apps, which is a nice touch. Still, it is worth noting that none of these abilities work if you are sending a message/call to an outdated version of WhatsApp. In other words, if the recipient has an old version of the app on their phone, you cannot send to them.

WhatsApp says all receiving and sending supports the end-to-end encryption it uses on the regular phone app. The company says when a phone is no in use for 14 days, the linked device will disconnect.

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