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Microsoft is teaming with identification technology company CLEAR on a new feature for Azure Active Directory (AD). This will bring verifiable credentials to the platform that allows users to confirm their identity while still limiting how much information they share.

“The ability to verify a user’s credentials without putting their security at risk is paramount,” said Sue Bohn, vice president, Identity and Network Access division at Microsoft. “We’re pleased to partner with CLEAR in their efforts to protect individual privacy for personal data while enabling faster and safer entry in even more places.”

Specifically, CLEAR customers can use their identity on Azure Active Directory across more places. For example Azure AD verified credentials provide enterprise customers with a way to verify info about an employee without collecting personal information on that individual.

More Control

Microsoft points out this provide the employee with more control over the personal data they share. Furthermore, CLEAR participants can verify and share their credentials with collaborating Microsoft partners.

“At CLEAR, we have the foundational belief that you are always you, and your personal information is yours,” adds Caryn Seidman-Becker, CLEAR CEO. “We are excited to work together with Microsoft and shape the future of digital identity while simultaneously protecting privacy and security.”

Last month, Microsoft spoke of its plans to create a decentralized identity management network. At Ignite 2021, Microsoft introduced Azure ID Verifiable Credentials:

“Verifiable credentials let organizations confirm information—like their education or professional certifications someone provides—without collecting and storing their personal data, thereby improving security and privacy.”

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