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Microsoft News Receives Criticism from Company’s Own Staff


Microsoft News (MSN News) does not always get a lot of coverage, making it an often overlooked part of Microsoft’s empire. However, in reality the platform is thriving and is the second most visited English language news site in the world and is catching the BBC. However, Microsoft News is currently facing criticism, from Microsoft’s own employees.

It is worth noting in Septemner, Microsoft Start was released as a replacement for Microsoft News. However, the core of the platform remains the same.

Specifically, Microsoft workers have gone on Twitter to complain about MSN. It seems the employees are worried about the quality of the new Microsoft’s AI is selecting. One frequent complaint is Microsoft News is pushing content to devices that users do not want.

“[It is] truly offensive to have this cr@p pushed on our devices,” one Microsoft staffer wrote.

Microsoft has been increasingly replacing human editors, laying them off in favor of AI. Some argue the AI is not as good at picking stories for individuals. Instead, it seems the algorithm is more focused on covering trends.

AI Curation

It is worth noting that Microsoft MSN News allows users to completely customize their feed to decide which stories and outlets they receive. In other words, it is easy enough to avoid the problems Microsoft staff are complaining about.

Still, that does not mean the problem itself does not exist.

Microsoft boasts over 1,000 news publishers and the taps into its AI and machine learning tech to present personalized news items to users. Microsoft has made a big deal of how its news platform is better than others at avoiding fake news. In fact, the company points to a unique publishing model that removes fake news entirely.

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