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Ignite 2021: Microsoft Customer Experience Platform and Power Platform Changes


At Microsoft’s Ignite 2021 conference this week, the company had plenty to discuss regarding its business services. Included in the announcements were new features for the Power Platform and the new Microsoft Customer Experience Platform.

Starting with the Power Platform, Microsoft has major changes in store for Microsoft Teams, Office 365, and Dynamics 365.

For example, in Microsoft Teams and Dynamics 365, Microsoft is making business data more accessible by allowing organizations to use Microsoft Search to find information. Elsewhere, the company is boosting collaboration by integrating Dynamics 365 sales records into a Teams channel.

Below are the full changes announced at Ignite 2021:

  • Accessible business data: Access to information can become an impediment and slow down how organizations can support customers. Dynamics 365 and Teams help organizations bring networks closer so those closest to issues can access the people and information needed to spur innovation and solve problems. Organizations can now quickly find results from business data across Microsoft Search, unfurl that data into actionable cards (Loops) across Outlook and Teams and search valuable business data inline while writing.
  • Increased collaboration: Sales teams need access to experts across the organization to build proposals address customer needs. Teams can invite anyone across the company to collaborate on Dynamics 365 sales records within the flow of a Teams chat or channel. Other collaborative updates include the ability to have a “chat now” pop out from anywhere in Dynamics 365 and inbound/outbound digital voice with Teams, featuring conversational intelligence.
  • Real-time engagement: Organizations can see who is working with them in the flow of work with live co-presence throughout Dynamics 356 apps. In addition, users can have all the information available on people they are collaborating with and how to engage with them via calls, chats or meetings.”

Customer Experience Platform

The Microsoft Customer Experience Platform is a new service that Microsoft describes as “a complete marketing solution.” According to the company, it gives organizations control over customer data, allowing them to automate and customize engagement per customers.

From the first awareness to a sale, the Customer Experience Platform aims to provide connection and personalized results. Microsoft Customer Experience Platform is built from several services across the company. It comes with the following features:

  • Consent-enabled Consumer Data Platform (CDP): This feature, in preview, enables the chief data officer (CDO) to use consent data directly in the CDP as an integrated, first-class capability. Organizations can utilize consent enablement to build complete customer profiles, manage known and pseudonymous aliases, ensure consumer data practices are compliant and protect that data with robust privacy and security controls, all in real-time.
  • Expanded business-to-business (B2B) tools: A business-to-business CDP combines customer data from all sources – CRM, email, websites, point-of-sales, partner systems, social networks and more – and performs identity resolution at the contract and account level to generate unified profiles for individuals and accounts. This feature is now generally available.”

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