Microsoft is reported to be working on a new application that appears to be a collaboration app for enterprises. Called “Microsoft Loop”, a screenshot of the app was posted to Twitter by FireCube. Details beyond the screenshot are non-existent.

That means there is so far no confirmation the app is official or exactly what it does. Workspace collaboration platform seems most likely looking at the screenshot. Of course, Microsoft already has its fair share of workspace collab apps, such as Microsoft Teams.

What seems to set Microsoft Loop apart is the fact it appears to be like a social network, a back-end hub for employees to interact across an organization.

It does seem the screenshot is legit because it shows app with a meeting for “VanArsdel Marketing”. If you are unfamiliar with Van Arsdel, it a Universal Windows Platform (UWP) sample application from Microsoft for developers to use on their projects.

Maybe Microsoft wants to differentiate away from Teams. Over the last two years, Microsoft Teams has become something of a catch-all for collaboration. What started as a communication app has become a complete ecosystem for enterprise sharing and connection.

Coming Soon?

Now we must wait to see what Microsoft has planned. There is usually no smoke without fire, and it is likely the leak was allowed to come out by the company. In other words, Microsoft wants people to know it has a new app planned.

So, we could be looking at an official announcement soon. Maybe during the first quarter of 2022. Surely, with the leaks started we can expect to hear more information about Microsoft Loop before that.

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