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Users Can Now Play Windows 95’s Space Cadet on Linux and Windows 11

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Space Cadet Pinball is a 25-year-old game that many will remember was available as an app on Microsoft’s Windows 95 and Windows XP operating system. Now, a developer has recompiled the game to work on Linux.

Andrey Muzychenko decompiled Space Cadet Pinball and recompiled it for Linux. Importantly, it would also work on any platform because the code is portable. However, there are no original data files, so users looking to install the game will need to use a Windows 96 or Windows XP disk or ISO image.

While Space Cadet pinball was available on both Microsoft Windows platforms, the recompilation for Linux was done from the Windows 95 32-bit version. Specifically, the original EXE of the game. After doing some maintenance, the file is ready to be recompiled on Linux and other platforms.

That it is possible to also run the game on modern Windows 11. Think of it like this, the EXE comes from Windows 95, it is recompiled for Linux, you can access Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) on Windows 11, and play the game. That is quite a unique connection between Windows platforms that were released over 20 years apart.


Speaking of Windows Subsystem for Linux, Microsoft has recently announced the service is becoming a dedicated app on Windows 11.

That means users will be able to download and install WSL directly from the new Microsoft Store. One of the benefits of this approach is the app will receive independent updates that are not tied to wider Windows 11 feature updates.

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