Google says it has opened a new division that will focus on analyzing the sustainability of travel trips its customers plan and take. The team is comprised of designers, engineers, and researchers that will work on solutions to draw conclusions on the potential impact on trips.

While an expansion to all facets of the travel sphere will arrive in the coming years, Google is debuting the team with a focus on sustainability of hotels. To achieve this, the company is collaborating with Travalyst coalition to help create standards for measuring emissions generated by air travel.

This is now integrated with Google Hotel Search. Now when users search hotels, they can see which put sustainability at the forefront of their experience. Those that meet Google’s standards will be given an eco-certified badge.

Importantly, the certifications are given from independent bodies like EarthCheck. In other words, they hold some real world legitimacy. Google will also include a section in the “About” sections of each hotel to highlight what the organization does in terms of sustainability.

Information Gathering

One obvious question is how does Google assess the hotels and gather its information? Well, the company explains its methods in the announcement blog:

“We’re working with hotels around the world, including independent hotels and chains such as Hilton and Accor, to gather this information and make it easily accessible. If you’re a hotel owner with eco-certifications or sustainability practices you want to share with travelers, simply sign in to Google My Business to add the attributes to your Business Profile or contact Google My Business support.”

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