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Hello all, I have set up an Active Directory domain at home, with virtual machines running on a Hyper-V Server. I have two domain controlers running Windows Server 2016, and another Windows Server 2016 Server running Exchange 2016. I have two mailbox accounts (Bruno and Test), that I used for testing after setting up the Exhange Server. After the setup, I used the OWA to send and receive messages between these two accounts, and it was working, although it took about 5 minutes to receive a message. I noticed the RAM usage was very high, and turned the machine off, to give it 4GB extra. When I turned it back on I tried seding a message from the OWA, and when I do this, the message gets stuck in the Drafts folder with a message saying “Your message will be sent, but we’re not quite ready”. This message then becomes “Something went wrong and we haven’t been able to send your message yet.”. Why exactly is this happening? I tried rebooting the Exchange Server again, but the issue still persists.


Also, a different question: The Exchange Server is using the local domain in the email addresses (@ecorp.local). How would I make it so it uses a domain name I own, on Google Domains, for example?


There are lots of possible causes, you can try the following steps to troubleshoot:
1.Make sure Microsoft Exchange Mailbox Transport Submission and Microsoft Exchange Mailbox Assistants services are running. Restart the services and do IIS restart.
2.Use the following commands to check the state and mail flow:

Get-ServerComponentState Identity <ServerID>
Test-Mailflow -Identity <ServerIdParameter> -MonitoringContext $true

3. Go to EAC-Server-DNSlookups to check if DNS is pointing to right place.
4.Try to add IP and HOSTNAME of the AD to the HOST file of the Exchange server like this: 

Host file is located in:c:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc


For the second question, I’m not quite sure about your requirement. This thread may be talking about similar questions as yours:

In addition, I have to mention that we focus on a single issue per post, which makes each thread clear for other’s reference. So I suggest you to open a new thread to post the second question if you need further help. Thanks for your understanding.

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