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Windows 10: Equalizer for Better Sound – Here Is How to Use It


Where is the Windows 10 Sound Equalizer? Well, the answer is – there is none – with a big BUT.

Because on most Windows 10 systems, you CAN actually use an equalizer to adjust the system sound to your liking. It´s just not a native Windows 10 audio equalizer. But let me explain.

If you search for a music equalizer in the audio settings of Windows 10, you won’t find anything there at first sight.
Whether in Windows Mixer, Sound Settings, or Audio Options – Windows 10 itself doesn’t have an equalizer.
However, this usually doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on sound adjustments for more or less bass and treble.
The driver for the Realtech chipset, which is installed in the vast majority of Windows 10-systems luckily comes with a sound equalizer of its own.

Before you can use it, the corresponding Realtek driver must be installed on your system. If this is not the case, you can download a current version for many Realtech sound chips here.
If your computer uses other audio hardware, you may be lucky to find a sound equalizer in the corresponding driver on your system. The following instructions refer to PCs with Realtech-hardware only as this applies to the majority of users out there.

How to open the Windows 10 equalizer for Realtech audio chipsets

After a right mouse click on the speaker icon on the right side of the taskbar you can directly open the “Sound Settings” from there.

Windows 10 - Open Sound settings

Then click on “Device properties” just below the selector of your output device.

Windows 10 - Settings - Sound - Device properties

Open “Additional device properties”.

Windows 10 - Settings - Device properties - Additional device properties

This opens the driver options for your Realtek driver software. There you switch to the “Enhancements” tab.

Windows 10 - Speakers properties - Enhancements

There you can activate various sound effects and also the Windows 10 equalizer. Using “Setting” you can select different predefined sound profiles for music types such as Pop, Live, Club, Rock, Bass, Treble, Vocal, Powerful Dance, Soft, Party, Classical an Jazz.

Windows 10 - Speakers properties - Enhancements - Setting

Clicking the button to the right wiht three dots you can alternatively open a graphic aound equalizer with the familiar sliders for different frequency ranges.

Windows 10 - Speakers properties - Enhancements - Graphic EQ


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