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What’s Behind Microsoft’s Sudden Teams Push?

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Albeit the greater part of my spaceflight preparing happens locally, there is some worldwide travel included. Last October, for instance, I went to Canada for an allegorical (zero-gravity) flight crusade. The issue with voyaging universally is that I just have cell administration in the United States. This has consistently implied that I have needed to utilize a voice-over-IP (VoIP) answer to keep in contact with my family back home.

As I was getting ready for a year ago’s allegorical flight battle, Microsoft made Teams accessible through my Office 365 membership. I chose to try Teams out and introduced it onto my workstation and onto my better half’s PC. By and large, Teams worked out truly well; it did precisely what I required it to do.

The one thing that shocked me was that subsequent to introducing Teams, there was no Start menu alternative that could be utilized to open it. Presently, I need to admit that I was feeling totally depleted at the time and it is conceivable that I simply missed something, yet I couldn’t discover a symbol anyplace. I wound up making my own alternate way for propelling Teams.

All the more as of late, be that as it may, the showcasing division at Microsoft is by all accounts occupied with a hard and fast push to attempt to get individuals to utilize Teams. I saw that in the wake of introducing a few updates as of late, a work area symbol all of a sudden showed up on one of my PCs in a clear endeavor to tempt me into introducing Teams. I likewise saw that Teams would stack naturally after signing into my essential work station. Groups were at that point introduced on that machine, however, was not designed to naturally open.

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Microsoft Makes It Easier To Brand Office 365


Even though I have worked for myself for a really long time, I spent the first several years of my IT career working in large, enterprise-class organizations. One of the things I vividly remember about those companies is that they plastered their corporate logos all over the place. Logos appeared on everything from coffee mugs to Windows desktop wallpapers.

Being a large company itself, Microsoft no doubt understands this obsession with branding. The company has historically provided various options for customers who want to express their identity. Office 365, for example, has long included an option for adding a corporate logo.

Despite the fact that this option has existed for quite some time, not every company brands the Office 365 portal. This is likely attributed, at least in part, to the fact that Office 365 has always been super picky about its logo requirements.

In the past, logos had to be exactly 200×30 pixels and smaller than 10KB in size. Granted, it’s pretty easy to make an image be smaller than 10KB if the entire image consists of only 6,000 pixels. However, the 200×30 dimensions are awkward, to say the least. For example, one of the places where I used to work had around the logo. Fitting that logo into 200×30 pixels would mean either stretching the circle into an ellipse or shrinking the logo into a 30×30 format and having 85 empty horizontal pixels on either side of the logo.

You can access Office 365’s branding options by logging in as an administrator and then opening the Office 365 Admin Center. The top of the Admin Center screen should display the name of your company. If you look at Figure 1, for example, you can see the words “Posey Enterprises” prominently displayed at the top of the Admin Center.

[Click on image for larger view.]Figure 1: Click on your company name to access your organization’s profile.

As you can see in Figure 2, there are several options for the organization profile. You can create custom themes, add custom tiles and even provide customized help desk contact information. There are also some additional contact information options that aren’t shown in the screen capture.

[Click on image for larger view.]Figure 2: The organization profile screen provides lots of helpful options.

Click the Edit button found in the Custom Themes section, and you will be taken to a screen that allows you to provide your organization’s logo and create a custom theme. You can see what this looks like in Figure 3, although it is worth noting that the screen capture shows the old interface because the logo limits have not yet been removed from my account.

[Click on image for larger view.]Figure 3: This is where you go to upload your logo to Office 365.

The options shown in the figure are pretty straightforward. You can either upload a logo or you can provide a URL for a logo image that is already online. If you want to make the logo clickable, you can specify a URL that should be associated with the logo.

If you scroll down just bit further, you can see that Office 365 provides some options for controlling the colors used within the portal. You can set the navigation bar color, the text and icon color, and even the accent color. There is also an option to force your users to use the theme that you have defined, rather than allowing them to create their own custom themes. I’m not personally a big fan of forcing users to adopt a specific color scheme, but the option exists if your organization has tight controls in place. You can see what these options look like in Figure 4.

[Click on image for larger view.]Figure 4: You can specify the colors to be used within the Office 365 portal.

I think that Microsoft’s more flexible branding options will be well-received by most organizations. In the future, I would not be surprised to see Microsoft provide additional options for customizing the layout of the Office 365 portal.

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Office 365 now generally available through new data centers in South Africa


Office 365 administrations are currently commonly accessible through generally new server farms in South Africa. Microsoft has extended its essence in Africa consistently, including bringing Microsoft Azure to the mainland prior this year.

Opening server farms in South Africa is significant in light of the fact that numerous nations have guidelines with respect to the area of cloud server farms. Paul Lorimer, Distinguished Engineer for Microsoft 365, developed the significance of the server farm in a Microsoft blog entry:

In-nation information residency for center client information helps Office 365 clients meet administrative necessities, which is especially significant and pertinent in enterprises, for example, medicinal services, money related administrations, and government—where associations need to keep explicit information in-nation to agree to nearby prerequisites.”

Microsoft claims that they are the main worldwide supplier to bring cloud administrations to the African landmass. The organization presently gives both Office 365 administrations and Azure administrations to Africa through neighborhood server farms. Microsoft’s development in Africa expands its span considerably further as indicated by Lorimer:

The option of South Africa as another geology for Office 365 builds the alternatives for secure, cloud profitability administrations joined with client information residency in 16 geologies over the globe alongside three extra topographies likewise declared.”

Lorimer included that Dynamics 365 and Power Platform ought to likewise be accessible in the territory in the final quarter of this current year.

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How to Increase Revenue with Carbonite Office 365 Backup


Here are a couple of friendly exchanges you can use to teach your clients and possibly create extra MRR by balancing their Office 365 security system.

Numerous IT specialist organizations have moved, or are moving, their clients to Microsoft Office 365. This opens the entryway to extra chances, for example, connecting the holes assurance that exists due to Microsoft SLAs. Be that as it may, you may need to teach your clients around this issue.

As indicated by a recent report by Enterprise Strategy Group, 68% of associations erroneously think SaaS conditions needn’t bother with reinforcement or are sponsored up by the supplier. Carbonite Backup for Office 365 is intended to fill holes in the assurance that most clients utilizing Office 365 don’t think about.

Here are a couple of friendly exchanges you can use to instruct your clients and conceivably create extra month to month repeating income (MRR) by adjusting their Office 365 assurance system.

SaaS information requires reinforcement simply like nearby information. Many accept that since Office 365 information is in the cloud, it is consequently ensured. This is just half evident. Microsoft has worked in repetition to avoid client information misfortune on its end. Nonetheless, Microsoft doesn’t make any certifications about reestablishing Office 365 information that was inadvertently erased or defiled. Indeed, Microsoft prescribes outsider reinforcement for everyday operational recuperations.

OneDrive isn’t reinforcement. Depending on record match up and offer apparatuses like Microsoft OneDrive as a type of reinforcement can bring about information misfortune. Here’s the reason: If a record is erased or defiled, FSS naturally adjusts that change with the optional duplicate.

The reuse container isn’t sufficient. Erased things stay in the reuse container briefly. Be that as it may, when they’re cleansed from the reuse container, they’re gone until the end of time. Moreover, the reuse canister offers no security from ransomware. At long last, Microsoft can’t keep a client from for all time erasing organizers from the reuse container.

Personal time rises to income misfortune. At the point when representatives can’t play out their everyday undertakings, income misfortune is inescapable. Be sure to make this obvious in discussions with clients.

Decommissioning previous representative records set aside cash. Keeping up previous workers’ Office 365 licenses can be costly. Carbonite Backup for Office 365 enables you to hold their records and email at a small amount of Microsoft authorizing costs.

Prepared to go to advertise?

Carbonite has a few go-to-showcase alternatives for offering Backup for Office 365 or packaging it with a far-reaching endpoint assurance answer for physical gadgets just as Office 365 information. The two methodologies are bolstered by adaptable evaluating and bundling that enable you to tailor your methodology for the area you serve.

Prepared to discuss ensuring Office 365 information in your client surroundings? Don’t hesitate to contact us:

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Microsoft removes Office 2019 from its Home Use Program benefits


Microsoft unobtrusively has rolled out an improvement to its Home Use Program (HUP) for its Software Assurance business clients. As some had expected when the organization started patching up the HUP advantage prior this year, Microsoft is dropping the capacity to purchase the non-membership variant of Office at a steeply limited cost. Microsoft rather is offering HUP clients the capacity to purchase Office 365 Home or Personal at a rebate for home use.

In a refreshed Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) archive about the program, Microsoft now notes:

“Microsoft is refreshing the Home Use Program to offer limits on the most recent and most modern items, for example, Office 365, which is consistently fully informed regarding premium variants of Office applications over the entirety of your gadgets. Office Professional Plus 2019 and Office Home and Business 2019 are never again accessible as Home Use Program offers.”

Up until this change was made as a major aspect of the July item terms, HUP Office advantage permitted Software Assurance clients to purchase Office 365 ProPlus (which is the center arrangement of Office applications for Windows, made accessible by means of an Office 365 membership) or Office Professional Plus 2019/Office Home and Business 2019 (the non-membership variants of Office for Windows/Mac for independent venture clients) for a rebate. The limited cost for U.S. clients was $14.99 for both of these choices.

The refreshed HUP for Office choice empowers business clients to buy Office 365 Home or Office 365 Personal memberships at a 30 percent markdown. To qualify, clients need to either have Software Assurance or a specific number of Office 365/Microsoft 365 E3 or E5 licenses (2,000 for business associations and instructive and charitable clients).

Further down in the FAQ, nonetheless, Microsoft takes note of that the individuals who may as of now have pressed in a limited buy of Office Pro Plus 2019 or Office 2019 can’t get a greater amount of those. The FAQ says: “On the off chance that you have just bought Office Professional Plus 2019 or Office Home and Business 2019 at a markdown through the Home Use Program you will at present be qualified for the Office 365 Home Use Program offer.”

As the Licensing School UK noted in an ongoing post, “You can at present purchase HUP licenses for Project and Visio, however, licenses for the Office items to use at home are currently secured by Office 365 Home or Personal memberships.”

I’m not too astonished Microsoft rolled out this improvement, given it is attempting to urge clients to go with membership plans, not “unending” renditions of Office. In any case, I’ve effectively gotten notification from a few people they are none too cheerful about the new course.

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Microsoft removes perpetual Office licenses from Home Use Program; now Office 365 only


Microsoft’s Home Use Program (HUP) is portrayed as an offer that lets workers at “qualified organizations” – which means organizations that are Software Assurance clients or those with more than 2,000 Office 365 or Microsoft 365 E3/E5 clients – buy Office at a rebate. Not long ago, the firm has begun offering Office 365 memberships rather than just ceaseless Office licenses. Presently, as spotted by ZDNet’s Mary Jo Foley, Microsoft has refreshed its HUP FAQ to mirror that the ceaseless licenses are never again advertised.

In particular, the interminable licenses that were offered were Office Professional Plus 2019 and Office Home and Business 2019. Presently, you’ll just have the option to purchase a membership to either Office 365 Personal or Office 365 Home.

As indicated by the site for the Home Use Program, Office 365 memberships can be obtained at a 30% markdown. That implies that a time of Office 365 Home can be bought for $69.99, which is the ordinary cost of Office 365 Personal. You can get a time of Personal for $48.99.

Clearly, it’s not as quite a bit of a rebate as it used to be, particularly when you think about that Office 365 is a yearly membership. With the old arrangement, HUP clients could buy both of the Office 2019 alternatives for just $14.99.

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Microsoft Office 2019 Launched For Windows And Mac


It’s that season again – an opportunity to update your Microsoft Office Suite whether you’re a great client or an IT proficient. On Monday, Microsoft declared the arrival of Office 2019 for Windows and Mac which incorporates Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Project. Clients have the alternative to download one of two forms: the standard, once “on-premises” discharge Office 2019 or the cloud-associated Office 365 ProPlus.

The updates to the Office Suite present in the 2019 variant are those highlights and improvements that have been added to Office 365 ProPlus since 2015. Since it is a one-time discharge, Office 2019 won’t get updates like Office 365 ProPlus would, “counting advancements in a coordinated effort, man-made consciousness (AI), security, and the sky is the limit from there.”

The improvements that Office 365 ProPlus clients have approached yet will be new to Office 2019 clients range over the entire suite. With Powerpoint 2019, your introduction’s liveliness goes past slide activities with Morph and Zoom permitting your slideshow to wind up true to life venture. More information examination highlights like extra equations and outline choices have been added to Excel 2019.

Word and Outlook 2019 present new Learning Tools and Focus Mode, which can obscure and conceal anything on the screen that isn’t your record, putting what you’re chipping away at in the spotlight.

Despite the fact that Office 365 ProPlus gives every one of these upgrades and will keep on having highlight refreshes as they turned out to be accessible, Microsoft states that the organization has no aim to stop this on-premise variant of the Office Suite: “While the cloud offers genuine advantages in profitability, security, and all-out expense of possession, we perceive that every client is at an alternate point in their selection of cloud administrations.”

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Microsoft Office Makes its Debut on the Apple Mac App Store

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Apple on Thursday reported that Microsoft Office 365 is currently accessible on Mac App Store where Apple clients can download straightforwardly the mark applications, for example, Word, PowerPoint, and Excel that are well known in Microsoft Windows framework.

The introduction of the Microsoft Office in Apple Store came somewhat later than what Apple initially reported at its Worldwide Developers Conference a year ago when the Cupertino, California-based tech strong guaranteed the Microsoft Office bundle would be accessible before the finish of 2018.

Apple said clients can buy a membership for Office 365 from inside the applications, which was structured explicitly to help includes that are one of a kind to the Mac experience, reports Xinhua news organization.

“Apple and Microsoft have cooperated to carry extraordinary Office efficiency to Mac clients from the earliest starting point. Presently, with Office 365 on the Mac App Store, it’s simpler than any time in recent memory to get the most recent and best form of Office 365 for Mac, iPad, and iPhone,” said Phil Schiller, Apple’s senior VP of overall promoting.

Jared Spataro, corporate VP at Microsoft, said his organization has been working intimately with Apple to furnish Mac clients with the absolute best efficiency experience interestingly intended for the Mac framework.

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Microsoft and Samsung to Strengthen Smartphone Partnership with Microsoft App Integration


Microsoft may have failed spectacularly in the versatile equipment and stage field, however, the nation is a noteworthy player regarding portable programming. Scarcely any designers have the same number of uses or downloads on iOS and Android. Today, Microsoft has developed its organization with Samsung to turn out to be increasingly intense on portable.

As indicated by a report from ZDNet, Samsung is getting ready to declare a noteworthy development of its organization with Microsoft.

To such an extent, Redmond authorities are relied upon to make that big appearance at Samsung’s Unpacked occasion in New York City one week from now. While the focal point of the occasion will probably be the most recent Galaxy Note cell phone. Microsoft’s job will be to demonstrate how Office applications and Your Phone are incorporated straightforwardly into forthcoming Samsung cell phones.

Progressively freakish gossipy tidbits encompassing Microsoft and Android have regularly proposed the organization will assemble its very own Android cell phone. That is presumably not going to occur, so teaming up more profoundly with Samsung is a noteworthy advance as the organization is the biggest cell phone producer on the planet.

Microsoft has been cooperating with Samsung for the last couple of Galaxy S cycles. This has implied the organization’s applications have shown up on handsets since the Galaxy S6 dropped quite a while prior. The applications clients can discover are Microsoft’s Office suite of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneDrive, and Skype.

Search Adoption

One thing we will be intrigued to see is whether Samsung is eager to effectively push Microsoft’s Bing web search tool. Simply a week ago, we gave an account of Microsoft and other hunt suppliers need to pay Google to show up on a decision menu for default search on Android gadgets.

Google has been constrained into the move by European controllers. Microsoft will probably offer to have Bing show up on the screens. Perhaps Samsung will assume a job in that circumstance. We will know more when the Unpacked occasion commences in New York one week from now.

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Microsoft Excel Insiders Can Now Use Dynamic Arrays


Microsoft has made another acclimation to its Excel application in Office. After some ongoing upgrades, the application has now gotten a progressively effective treatment of recipes inside spreadsheets. In particular, Microsoft has appeared an apparatus called Dynamic Arrays.

On the off chance that the name of that apparatus sounds commonplace to you, that is on the grounds that you may have effectively heard it and may well have officially utilized the element. Dynamic Arrays for Excel were first declared and presented a year ago.

In any case, from that point forward the component has just been accessible to a set number of Office clients. In an ongoing blog entry, Microsoft says improving equation the executives is significant. The organization says recipes in Excel has been a restriction on the application in light of the fact that an equation can just yield information to a solitary cell.

Dynamic Arrays change that, enabling equations to yield esteems crosswise over cells as a rundown:

“Utilizing dynamic exhibits, any equation that profits a variety of qualities will consistently “spill” into neighboring abandoned cells, making it as simple to get a variety of qualities returned all things considered to take a shot at a solitary cell. You can promptly bridle the intensity of dynamic clusters by utilizing one of the new FILTER, UNIQUE, SORT, SORT BY, SEQUENCE, SINGLE, and RANDARRAY capacities to manufacture spreadsheets that would beforehand have been about unthinkable.”

Office Insiders on Windows can start using Dynamic Arrays now, while the tool on macOS can also access the feature on the Insider.

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