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Microsoft HoloLens 2 Development Edition Now Available in the U.S.


Microsoft debuted HoloLens 2 back in February 2019 but at the time no Development Edition was available. Microsoft has been slow to roll out availability of the second-generation augmented reality (AR) headset and platform. Nearly two years after launch, the HoloLens 2 Development Edition is now available.

Well, it is available if you happen to be in the United States. For now, the device is only available to US customers. Microsoft says that will change shortly when other regions are included by the end of the year.

Those regions are Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, UK, Japan, Switzerland, Italy, Australia, and New Zealand.

Microsoft first announced the HoloLens 2 Development Edition in May 2019, a few months after the commercial version was announced. However, availability of the device took some time. We know the commercial version took over a year to reach the Microsoft Store, landing in June this year.

So, it makes sense the Development Edition is also late for the party. However, better late than never. If you are unfamiliar with this edition, it is a bundle package that includes the HoloLens 2 device and software focused on 3D augmented reality and interactive work. Also included is $500 in Microsoft Azure credits, a 3-month license and Unity Pro and Pixyz.

HoloLens 2 Specs

For developers coming to the HoloLens experience for the first time, here is the specsheet for the second generation.


  • Optics – See-through holographic lenses (waveguides)
  • Resolution –  2k 3:2 light engines
  • Holographic Density –  >2.5k radiants (light points per radian)
  • Eye-based Rendering –  Display optimization for 3D eye position

Sensors & Audio:

  • Depth – Azure Kinect sensor
  • IMU –  Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Magnetometer
  • Camera –  8MP stills, 1080p30 video
  • Microphone Array –  5 channels
  • Speakers – Built-in, Spatial Audio

Human Understanding:

  • Hand Tracking – Two-handed fully articulated model, direct manipulation
  • Eye Tracking – Real-time tracking
  • Voice – Command and control on-device, Natural Language with internet connectivity

Environmental Understanding:

  • 6DoF Tracking – World-scale positional tracking
  • Spatial Mapping –  Real-time environment mesh
  • Mixed Reality Capture – Mixed hologram and physical environment photos and videos

Compute & Connectivity:

  • SoC: Qualcomm Snapdragon 850 Compute Platform
  • HPU: 2nd Generation Custom-built Holographic Processing Unit
  • WiFi: 802.11ac 2×2
  • Bluetooth: 5.0
  • USB: USB Type-C


  • Battery Life – 2-3 hours of active use
  • Charging – USB Power Delivery – Fast Charging
  • Thermals – Passively Cooled


  • Size – Fits over glasses, size using adjustment dial


  • Windows Holographic OS
  • Edge
  • Remote Assist
  • Layout
  • Guides
  • 3D Viewer
  • OneDrive for Business

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Microsoft Gets Flak for Removing YouTube-DL from GitHub


When Microsoft dropped $7.5 billion in 2017 to buy open source giant GitHub, there were many in the open community who were worried about Microsoft’s intentions. After-all, Microsoft has been an historic opponent of open source. Most of those fears were misplaced as Redmond has embraced the open concept.

However, proponents of open software are angered by a recent decision by Microsoft to remove code for YouTube-DL. If you’re unfamiliar with YouTube-DL, it is a tool for internet video download commands.

While the tool is not illegal, it is problematic. It does not violate copyrights, but it allows users to circumvent those laws. These types of software are illegal under section 1201 of US copyright law.

On paper, then, Microsoft is correct for taking action. However, some fans say the tool is the nature of open source and does not violate any laws. In fact, those YouTube-DL users claim the software is a fair use tool that also helps to download proprietary content or back up videos.



Public Knowledge legal Director John Bergmayeh disagrees and says YouTube-DL is in violation of US laws. He says it is used to “circumvent the technological protection measures used by authorized streaming services such as YouTube” and to “reproduce and distribute music videos and sound recordings owned by [RIAA’s] member companies without authorization for such use.”

Microsoft has not responded to the complains and seems to be set on keeping the tool off GitHub.

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Microsoft Flight Simulator Gets SDK and World Update


Microsoft Flight Simulator users are getting a new world update to end the week. This is an update for the SDK and follows the development update sent out a week ago to deal with bugs and improvements. Happily, this latest update makes some more visible changes.

For example, Microsoft has tweaked the look for Japan while also adding some new items in the Marketplace. Furthermore, Microsoft Flight Simulator also has a new Feedback Snapshot.

Perhaps the biggest point of this out-of-schedule update is to improve the general functionality of the SDK. Microsoft is also opening up the developer kit to more members. Below is the changelog for this latest release:

  • “WebAssembly: Improvements to the GDI+ compatibility layer and improvements to the ease of development and debugging capabilities is the current focus. Visual Studio 2017 support has also been added.
  • The glTF exporter now supports 3D Studio Max 2021.
  • We fixed the SimConnect facilities API and plan on expanding it.
  • On the Developer Mode side, we are working on improving overall usability: we enhanced the visualization for roads, terraforming shapes and exclusion rectangles. The editor now doesn’t allow for invalid ground merging parameters.”

More Changes

As mentioned, Microsoft is introducing a new Feedback Snapshot. Specifically, the company is highlighting a new version that looks better than the previous iteration. An important change is the Snapshot now shows votes for problems that are the most problematic to the community.

Elsewhere in the world of Microsoft Flight Simulator, the company has detailed the Twitch schedule for developers at the end of the month. This will include the usual monthly Q&A with dev’s and a guided fly-tour. You can check out the full schedule in the image above.

On the Marketplace, four new products are available. A trio of airports and a new aircraft are joining the current lineup.

Microsoft Flight Simulator has been available on PC since last month. The title has had excellent reviews and is considered among the games of the year, while also being touted as the best-looking  ever.

Source Vanguard

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Ignite 2020: Microsoft Stream Gets Rebuild Overhaul


At the all-virtual Ignite 2020 conference, Microsoft provided an overview of its new Microsoft Stream service. Specifically, the company is launching an overhaul of the enterprise cloud video service.

This is not just a paint job. Microsoft Stream has been completely rebuilt and reimagined.

If you’re unfamiliar with Microsoft Stream, it’s a a video streaming service that is geared towards businesses and enterprise customers. Available in Office 365, the tool is free and signing up takes “seconds”. Users can drag and drop videos to upload them and can follow content from the homepage.

Microsoft has continuing developing Stream since its launch. However, the company has stuck to incremental updates, such as extending screen recording to 15 minutes this May. With the latest iteration, Stream is being redefined and will feel like a new experience.

According to Microsoft, Stream will integrate even more closely with Microsoft 365. Users can create, edit, and share video content across Office applications.

New Features

  • “A one-stop shop for creating, editing, managing, and discovering videos, the Stream web app helps users seamlessly create, edit, and playback videos.
  • The new Stream will bring the same high quality and scalable playback quality that exists in classic Stream today to all video in Microsoft 365.
  • Users will be empowered to create video experiences using SharePoint with new, out-of-the box templates for video-rich sites and portals.
  • In addition to the Stream app for iOS and Android, improved video capabilities will be coming to mobile applications across Microsoft 365. Create and upload short videos from your mobile device.”

Microsoft says it will help existing Stream users transition from the old experience to the new service.

Source Winbuzzer

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Microsoft Project Moca Arrives in Preview as a Trello Competitor


Microsoft is known to be developing a collaboration task-management tool that takes plenty of inspiration from Trello. In fact, Project Moca is aiming directly for Trello by offering Office 365 users a native solution for sharing and accessing documents, tasks, To-Do Lists, Sticky Notes, media, files, and links.

Despite being in limited preview since May, Microsoft has not offered much information on Project Moca since its debut on the Office Insider Program. That is changing this week as the company has begun official promotion for the service.

Interestingly, Microsoft never officially confirmed Project Moca despite its being available to some in preview. Now the company is using the Outlook Blog to detail some of the aspects of the tool. Moca is built directly into Microsoft’s email service.

Moca allows users to create projects under spaces Interestingly, these spaces are very much like Trello cards for managing content. Users can enter these cards and edit content, leave links, tick off tasks, respond to messages, and more. Microsoft’s service will tap directly into Office through widgets for apps such as Excel and Word.

How it Works

In the blog post this week, Microsoft confirms Project Moca will integrate with Outlook for the Web. It allows users to compile what the company calls “Buckets” for projects. These areas will allow websites, links, tasks, files, emails, notes, and project goals to be compiled in a single space.

Microsoft points out the tool is now available in preview:

“Project Moca is available for Microsoft 365 consumer subscribers, EDU customers, and select commercial customers as a preview and is shipped off-by-default. Admins can enable it through PowerShell with the Set-OwaMailboxPolicy OwaMailboxPolicy-Default -ProjectMocaEnabled $true parameter.”

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Microsoft Builds on JEDI Contract by Working with More Governments on Cloud Services


Microsoft is actively seeking and signing cloud deals with foreign governments in the same vein of the JEDI contract it won with the U.S. Defense Department (DoD) last year. Speaking to CNBC, sources cloud to the Redmond giant say Microsoft is looking to build on that success with similar projects around the world.

If you’re unfamiliar with JEDI, it is the Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure project. Microsoft was chosen to provide the Pentagon with cloud services in an overhaul of storage and computing infrastructure.

Microsoft won a bidding war for the $10 billion project last year, beating Amazon Web Services (AWS). If you have been following this story, you will be aware the JEDI situation remains unresolved.

Amazon did not take the situation lying down and immediately started legal proceedings to stop Microsoft. Following an investigation, the DoD was expected to reach a decision on whether Microsoft will receive the contract. Both Amazon and Microsoft were told to provide new proposals.

Last week, the DoD requested 30 more days to reach a decision.

Moving Forward

While the JEDI contract remains up in the air, Microsoft is pressing on with plans to provide similar projects to other governments. According to a source, other governments are showing interest in the type of partnership Microsoft would have with the DoD.

The postponement on that start of work for JEDI meant employees could focus on similar projects for other governments. The source tells CNBC that Microsoft will announce some of these initiatives later this year. Specifically, it will be a cloud service that governments around the world will be able to use.

Microsoft did not respond directly to the claims, but said it continues to work with governments on cloud projects.

“We’ve worked with governments around the world on a longstanding and reliable basis for four decades,” a spokesperson told CNBC. “We have government customers using our products to enhance their services with the latest in commercial innovations, deeply engage and connect with citizens in powerful ways, and empower government employees with the modern tools they need to be more efficient and effective, and to give them time back to focus on their agency mission.”

Source Winbuzzer

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Microsoft 365 Backups – Do you need them (Part Two)


In the first part of this series, we considered the position most people need to deliberate when they choose Microsoft 365 – what will happen if they lose data and need to restore it, and what are the likely scenarios which need protection.

To help better understand, from an independent viewpoint, what this looks like with Microsoft 365 alone, we covered and linked to the relevant Microsoft guidance to manage these scenarios. In the second part of this series, we’ll look at how you might reduce the likelihood of a problematic restore being necessary, and consider what other Microsoft 365 customers do, and why.

Prevention is better than cure

While it’s true that if you do nothing to protect your data in Microsoft 365 – then it’s likely that a computer could become infected with malware, and this could encrypt your data in OneDrive or SharePoint for Business. Or, a user could accept a carefully crafted phishing link to a site that requested access to data in their mailbox, which then attempted to destroy the data.

The challenge with or without a backup product is going to be the same. Restoring the data, whether it’s via a robust interface provided by a backup vendor, or by choosing the right method to restore data in Exchange or SharePoint Online is a task you will wish to avoid.

The amount of data you’ll store in Microsoft 365 will grow over time.

For example, on a Microsoft 365 Business or E1 subscription, users will have 1TB of available storage – with E3, up to unlimited and easily configured by an admin to reach 5TB.

You might not expect to actually use that amount of storage though, obviously. However, if we consider that you might over the next few years see OneDrive consuming, say, 50GB per user this adds up to 50 terabytes for a medium-size business with 1000 employees.

Backup tools use the same APIs as migration vendors. So if you want to get an appreciation for how long this might take, you’ll find a reasonably optimistic one here – and that’s assuming that the backup vendor is using modern APIs for migration. If we go with the Medium example for Office files, it could take 50 days to perform a full restore.

In a scenario you might be looking to protect against – such as most PCs being infected with ransomware and corrupting a large number of files in user OneDrive locations – 50 days isn’t really going to be helpful. If you dismiss the likelihood of that happening and assume that it might only be a smaller number of users, then the capabilities to either detect it client-side or recover as an admin will be just as useful.

Instead, preventing the likelihood of this occurring is a better strategy. Removing risks of users consenting to dangerous sites accessing their data, by eliminating the ability for a user to grant consent, enabling security defaults or conditional access policies, using advanced functionality like Microsoft Cloud App Security, Office 365 ATP, Defender ATP or equivalent functionality. Microsoft has a wealth of information available, if you want to hear it from Microsoft directly.

What do other Microsoft 365 customers typically do?

Large enterprises have so much data it takes years to move all their email and file data into Microsoft 365. Recently there’s a popular suggestion that a lot of digital transformation that typically takes years has taken place in weeks. In some cases, some organizations spent a lot of time thinking about what they’ll do before doing it – but in most cases, the multi-year program takes that long because there’s a maximum speed data can be migrated. For a full, complete digital transformation, they usually re-organize and relocate a large amount of existing data.

This typically means that buying a third-party backup service to backup supported services in Microsoft 365 in their entirety simply isn’t possible. Most organizations in this situation will be fortunate enough to employ outside consultancy, Subject Matter Experts and even whole teams who can take time to understand the protection features in the service, agree upon configuration settings that will be appropriate, and implement a suitable operating model for ensuring the aspects of the Microsoft 365 a customer is responsible for are managed correctly.

A sizable minority of enterprises supplement protection functionality in Microsoft 365 with third-party tools to provide backup capabilities, though. It might be understood that it’s not likely to be practical to back-up all data, or even all data that could be backed up and restored.

However, there may be certain SharePoint Sites (for example) that contain business-critical data that will provide additional assurance to have a secondary backup. In some other cases, there may be contractual stipulations that require a customer’s data to be backed up to a secondary service.

There are other organizations – not just enterprises – who consider email to be the most business-critical method of communication and decide to use email continuity services that work with Microsoft 365. These services are typically marketed as Office 365 backup, but obviously only work with email. These typically also work as an email protection gateway product, providing similar functionality to Office 365 ATP (but without SharePoint, OneDrive, Teams, and Office client protection) and also provide email journaling functionality.

The key selling point of a service such as this is that should Exchange Online become unavailable for a short period of time, an organization can continue to send and receive email using the email continuity service.

However, longer-term, an email continuity service might become less useful. Message protected by technologies like AIP might not be accessible in the event of a supposed Microsoft 365 service failure. And most organizations that plan to use email less, and use technologies like Teams and Yammer more, and wisely collaborate on documents in SharePoint or OneDrive, will either need to accept that the service will provide less value to them over time, or hold back from adopting those services.

Like any rule, though, there is an exception. Smaller to medium size customers often have a more durable case for finding value in a Microsoft 365 backup service.

An IT professional in a medium-size organization, responsible for the system administration of a variety of platforms and services has a broad set of knowledge that many enterprise IT professionals with technology specializations don’t possess.

Crucially, in many medium-sized organizations, Microsoft 365 isn’t the focus of their day-to-day job, in much the same way the Exchange Server wasn’t something they spent each day carefully managing. Microsoft 365 is an evergreen service, which does mean there is a continuous learning process about upcoming changes and new functionality, and even Microsoft 365 specialists struggle to keep up with the various changes weekly.

Understandably, therefore, more small and medium-size customers opt for Microsoft 365 backup solutions. Hearing from those customers it may be that they don’t have the level of licensing available to provide the complete protection discussed earlier, or in many cases, the relative cost of an Office 365 backup solution for the number of users or amount of data they have provides a good value offering.


If you’re dead-set on opting for a Microsoft 365 backup solution, then it is crucial to look for a solution that covers all the scenarios you are looking to protect against – and the services you need to protect.

Overwhelmingly the better option for most organizations appears to be cloud-based Microsoft 365 backup solutions. These solutions tend to either be from companies who have developed their solutions from the ground-up to support Microsoft 365. Therefore many will keep pace with available opportunities to backup and restore.

More traditional backup solutions, while familiar, tend to lag behind the cloud-first vendors. These solutions often offer a Hybrid backup solution – such as backup of on-premises Exchange Servers – and generally only extend to the most basic scenarios. Rudimentary Teams backup, for example, appears non-existent in on-premises backup tools for Microsoft 365 I’ve looked at.

Source Practical365

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Microsoft Whiteboard Gets Sticky Notes Across Versions


Users of Microsoft Teams can now tap into new Whiteboard features after a recent update. According to Microsoft, its Whiteboard tool will now support sticky notes and text in Teams. As well as arriving on Teams a week ago, those same features are now available on the web version of the tool.

Furthermore, Microsoft is also expanding the availability to Windows 10 and iOS versions of Whiteboard. There’s still no word on when Android can expect the features. When the update debuted on Teams last week, it was only for education users. With the expansion to other versions, the new tools are also coming to enterprise users.

Sticky notes support is an important addition. With this available, users can add their ideas quickly to a canvas. Sticky notes can be posted anywhere on the canvas, while text objects can also be added in this way.

Users also benefit from now being able to move objects around the canvas, ideal for reorganizing Whiteboard content.

For web users, the biggest change is a revamp of the web application. Microsoft says this overhaul has focused on performance and general improvements. The company adds it can now roll out updates to the Teams and web versions of Whiteboard together.


Whiteboard integrates with the inking capabilities of Microsoft Office to bring content to a screen that can be used by multiple users across devices.

Functional locally or online, the service works with mouse, keyboard, pen, and touch. Documents sync automatically to the loud for use on any PC at a later date and inviting another user is as easy as sharing a link.

If you’re interested in the Whiteboard app on Windows 10, you can download it from the Microsoft Store here.

Source Winbuzzer

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Microsoft Flight Simulator Teams with AI Firm Blackshark


Microsoft Flight Simulator is now in its Closed Beta ahead of a full launch later this month. As Microsoft wraps up preview development of the bleeding edge title, the company is turning its attention to other areas. Specifically, a partnership with an AI firm.

In the latest development update for Microsoft Flight Simulator, the company announced a collaboration with Thomas Richter-Trummer, who represents blackshark says the company’s AI solutions will be folded into Flight Simulator.

By leveraging AI, users can “fly over the whole world as a backdrop of the game, offering unmatched gaming experiences on all levels”.

Elsewhere in the world of Flight Simulator, Microsoft says the recently launched Marketplace Partnership Program is already a success. In fact, Redmond says hundreds of companies have already shown interest in the program.

Also in the latest update, Microsoft Flight Simulator SDK got a tweak. Microsoft says it will now make new features clearer in its documentation.

Coming Soon

Last month, Microsoft confirmed its Microsoft Flight Simulator game is arriving on Windows 10 in August. Following a year in preview, Microsoft did not discuss other platforms that will be supported. Also in July, the company says the title will be available on Steam, while VR support is also incoming.

Microsoft says the title will come to Steam on August 18. That’s the same day the game will go live on Windows 10. Pre-orders for the Standard, Deluxe, and Premium Deluxe editions are open now. As for VR support, Microsoft says the game will support TrackIR and VR. The former will be available at launch in August, while VR support will drop during the fall.

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Microsoft Looking to Expand Surface Duo Native Apps Over Time


All reports and movement point to Microsoft launching the Surface Duo in August. Of course. the company introduced the Android smartphone last October. During the interim time, the company has been working to bring the device to launch-ready maturity.

However, it seems the software package first adopters of the Duo receive will not be the final one. Instead, Microsoft looks to be working on constantly improving the app bundle that is available on the smartphone.

According to a new Redmond job post, the company is looking for a Senior Software Development Engineer. Under this role, the employee will work on Android apps that highlight the dual-screen of the Surface Duo.

Microsoft will also develop a software roadmap for these future applications. It is worth noting that those early buyers of the Duo won’t miss out on anything. Any new apps that are developed for the device will be available on already purchased units.

Expanding Functionality

This is arguably an important step for Microsoft. Many smartphone manufacturers have a rounded collection of base apps that arrive with their devices. You can think of these as similar to native Windows apps. Because Microsoft has not built smartphones for years and never on Android, these kinds of apps are something the Duo will need.

Yes, Microsoft can call on an arsenal of services like Office, but those little task-oriented apps will be important, especially for the dual-screen nature of the Duo. While the handset will launch with a collection of these apps, Microsoft clearly wants to flesh out the catalog over time.

That means users can expect the functionality of the Surface Duo to increase in the months following its release.

Source Winbuzzer

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