Google Search Gets Short Videos Feature on Mobile


Google has been testing its “Short Videos” feature in recent months, although it was limited to the Discover app. While Short Videos are remaining in preview, the testing has is now expending to include Google Search.

While it was exclusive to the Discover page, it would show short video content from apps such as TikTok and Instagram. These videos would be displayed on a carousel for Android users. Now that Short Videos is available in Google Search, users can now tap into the feature directly from the search feed.

On Google Search, the panel appears on the search pane, similar to items such as “Top Stories” and “Videos”.

The Short Videos panel displays on searches that have related visual content. Some outlets, such as TechCrunch have been able to trigger the Short Videos panel on some searches. However, in my testing I have been unable to see the panel for most searches. When I did trigger it, the panel was lower down the screen.

Still in Preview

Either way, when you do see a video you can click it to be taken to the relevant content app, which will open in a separate tab. Speaking to TechCrunch, a Google spokesperson said the “feature was currently being piloted on mobile devices”.

We expect Google to gradually roll this tool out considering the growing popularity of short video content apps. While it seems to be for mobile users so far, it could extend to Google Search on desktops in the future.

Let us know if you have seen the Short Videos panel on your search results.

Tip of the day:

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Google Assistant Gets Family-Oriented Features


While Microsoft’s virtual assistant and smart home products have fallen by the wayside, Google Assistant remains ever popular. Increasingly used on smart home devices as well as smartphones, Google is consistently making the assistant more powerful.

In the latest update for Google Assistant, the company says some new Holiday tools are arriving for families.

First up is Family Notes, which is available for Smart Displays. Google Assistant will make it easier to keep users connected by making it more efficient to tap into entertainment and schedules. Available now, Family Notes allow sticky notes to be created through voice commands.

More New Features

Next on the list of new tools is Family Bell. Another feature that focuses on daily organization, Family Bell is essentially new sound effects for Google Assistant that will sound on smart speakers and Smart Displays. Families can hear reminders for schedules tasks by creating their own bells.

With Family Activities, Google Assistant helps users to come together to complete tasks together. For example, learning from Google search results, which appear on Smart Displays. For example, “Hey Google, tell me about ……” or “Google, let me know about my family.”

For parents, the most important feature is probably Family Tracking. As the name suggests, Google Assistant can update users on their family’s whereabouts. Up to 13 family members ca be tracked at one time through Google Maps.

Google likes to roll out Assistant features around the Holiday season and this year is a bumper update. There are a few more features besides the ones listed above, so head to the source below for all the details, including how to use the new tools.

Source Winbuzzer

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