Microsoft is seemingly backtracking on its commitment to give developers as much as 95% of revenue from sales made through the Microsoft Store. According to reports, the company is updating app developers of the change now.

If this is the case, it would make less than a year that the revenue model has been in place. Interestingly, Microsoft seemed reluctant to roll out the pricing structure despite promising it.

Developer Rob took to Twitter to say Microsoft has informed him the revenue split program is ending. He develops apps such as Easy Writer and says Microsoft has now updated its App Developer Agreement.
It now states the share program has been removed.

First announced at Build 2018, the revenue split program was welcomed by developers. It allows them to get up to 95% of revenue back if a customer discovered their app through the developer’s own promotion.

Interestingly, it doesn’t seem Microsoft has changed the other portion of the agreement. Specifically, for a normal app download (found through Store or Microsoft promotions), the developer can receive up to 85% of the revenue.

If the 95% revenue split for self promotion has been removed, it seems likely the 85% split is now default for all app downloads form the Microsoft Store.

However, it is worth noting Microsoft has made no official announcements regarding this change.

Microsoft Store for Business Closure

Yesterday we reported on Microsoft’s plans to shutter its Microsoft Store for Business and Education. The teams that manage the running of both Store forks have decided neither will continue. They are expected to be removed from the wider Microsoft Store by the end of June (June 30).

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